Simming World Week 1 - Week 4

Welcome back guys,

I decided to track my progress in slimming world monthly rather then weekly as to not bore my none slimming world followers.

When I decided to join slimming world and track my progress I agreed to be 100% truthful with you guys rather then bulls**t you! At the end of the day if I was to do that the only person I'd be really lying to would be myself!
Now if you follow me on the owl Snapchat (@CuddleNContour) you will probably know what my first few weeks have been like but if not here's how my journey has been so far.

Week 1

Pounds Lost - 2 1/2 lbs

So my first week I was all about finding my feet with the plan and figuring out how to adapt the new change.  Keeping a food dairy definitely helped me keep on track because if I ate something that I had to syn like a chocolate bar I didn't like it so it kind of motivated me not to have one the next day! I was learning how to think of foods like chocolate etc. as a treat rather then a meal! Haha.  The book was my bible I found myself checking all my foods for their nutritional or syn value and writing it all down.  I avoided any foods that I couldn't figure out I had my determined cap on and it paid off. Weigh in day finally came and I was 2 and a half pounds lighter! They do a lot of talking of the first week being your magic week with most people never loosing the same amount again but for me I was only finding my feet and I know once I fully understand the plan I will be aiming for a higher!

Week 2

Pounds Lost - Maintained

I don't really have much to say about this week to be honest, only I fell completely off the wagon and didn't try once to get back on!  Halloween came and I got a takeaway then I found myself diving into Cailans Trick or Treat bag.  He had no clue anything was missing which made it worse and I dived in the next night too.  I then went to Cork to look for clothes for Dylans Christening and I went completely off as I ate out up there too! So how the hell I managed to maintain and not gain is some what of a miracle.  The foodie in me came out this week and ran rampant!  Its the little food demon that I need to work on aswell as learning to say no to temptations instead of giving in EVERYTIME.  As my Slimming World leader Ellen would say ''Did you enjoy yourself?'' ''Well if you did draw a line and start again.''  Which is exactly what I plan to do next week.  Only thing is next week is Lee's birthday and were going for dinner and drinks.  I'll have to light a candle and say a few hail Mary's and pray to god above for a loss next week! Haha.

Week 3

Pounds Lost - 2 1/2 lbs

After having such a horrible week last week I really got my head down this week and went for it.  In saying this I'm still not having my 1/3 superfree with each meal which is essential for weight loss on the Slimming World plan.  This is something I know I need to work on and in the weeks shopping I got plenty of fresh and frozen veg so excuses for weigh in next week!  Overall I am really starting to enjoy the Slimming world way of eating.  It's not a diet by any means as I can eat certain foods until they come out of my ears, which makes me feel full.  Their is no other diet out their, that I've experienced anyway, that allows you to actually EAT! Thank god for slimming world is all I have to say.  Overall this was a good week.  I know the things I need to work on and I really need to start filling out my food diarys again! I am awful when it comes to writing things down I have the best intentions with starting it but never finishing it!

Week 4 

Pounds Lost -  ??

So the reason there is no weight loss number this week is because I've had to give it a miss due to the headaches and migraines I've been constantly getting since the weekend.  I'm putting it down to drink being in my system which it hasn't been in over a year and all the greasy and dirty food I ate at my sons Christening and the takeaways I ate to help aid my hangover.  Oh boy did I wake up this Monday with the fear but not from the drink... NO NO!  It was from the food I consumed this week.  I have a scales here at home but I refuse to get up on it.  I know without a doubt that there would of been a gain on the scales this week.  I was so ready to face the music at group.  I was more then ready to listen to my group leader Ellen who not only is fantastic at what she does but she is a serious motivator too! Everytime I'm in group and she speaks, its like right Lisa, you can do this, you got this!  This week is your week! Haha It sounds like I'm crazy but seriously my biggest advice with Slimming world is stay in group, make it every week.  As I have missed it this week I am struggling to get back onto the wagon but if I want to get to my goal and see a different number on the scales by Christmas I need to pull up my boots, put down the grease and just go for it now.  There is 5 weeks until Christmas so that's the time I have to see a different number.  By all means it's not my target as I have quite a long way to go to reach that but as a gift to myself this year I want to be into the 10 stone region.. I haven't seen 10 on the scales since I got pregnant with Cailan!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first four weeks in slimming world.  I was unsure whether or not to do weekly or monthly updates for you guys.  Let me know what you guys think!  Do you prefer the monthly or would you prefer me to do more in dept weekly posts?
Leave your thoughts down below.

Also if your in Slimming world how are you getting on?

Here's to the next 5 weeks where I hope I'm going to really push myself now and see some results!

Until next time,

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