Vaseline intensive moisturiser spray (REVIEW)

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So I haven't had a review for you guys in quite a while and I was in town recently and picked up a few bits and one of them purchases was Vaselines intensive moisturiser spray.  Now this is by no means a new product out on the market and some of you could of very well have tried it already for yourself but if you want to know what I thought of it and how I got on with it 
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So I had been meaning to pick it up for quite a while now but just never really thought of it once I was in around.  I can get in quite a rut with my skincare and just keep repurchasing the same things over and over as I know there doing the job but I decided to brake the habit and reach for this during my latest trip to boots!  I had wanted to get an all over body and face moisturiser because I always find my skin tends to get that little but dryer coming into the winter!
One of the main reasons I was attracted to this moisturiser in the first place was the fact it was a spray and not a lotion.  I loved the idea of how convenient it sounded especially now being so heavily pregnant.  It was also on special in boots at the time not sure if it still is but its very reasonably priced regardless.  It usually retails for €7.49 but I got it for half price for only €3.74.  

So what the product claims to do...
- Moisturises and absorbs in seconds to help heal dry skin
- Instantly leaves skin feeling soft, non greasy or sticky
- Dispenses evenly with one all over spray
- Contains mirco droplets of Vaseline Jelly

This is one of them products that does exactly what it says on the tin.  I applied onto my skin after my shower whilst my skin was still moist.  It sprayed evenly all over my body and after I rubbed it in it dried almost instantly. One of my pet peeves with any moisturiser is the sticky, slippy hands your left with after applying but with this product you don't get any.  It too just like any of the rest of your body drys instantly.  Which really impressed me I have to be honest.  My skin was left feeling and looking amazing.  
I have dry skin on my both my elbows throughout this whole pregnancy and there hasn't been any moisturiser that has helped with it. Even though I've only been using it a few days I have noticed a significant difference.  It hasn't completely cleared up but then again as I said I'm only using it a few days.  I do plan on continuing to use this daily like I have been so I will let you know if it clears it up or not but it is definitely helping.  
I have been using this moisturiser twice daily all over my body just before I get dressed as I said it drys in seconds so I'm not hanging around waiting for it to dry so its perfect for anyone who doesn't get much time in the mornings. Like us busy mommas! Haha.  I got mine in the scent Cocoa butter and I smell amazing every morning! 

So as far as convenience goes and actually doing what it claims I would give this moisturiser a 10!  I just cant fault it!

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