A look back at the year 2015 :)

Good Evening Everybody,

I am in shock that Christmas is only a few days away and before we know it we will be counting in the New Year.  I know its a cliche but where the hell does the time go?  Seriously this has been one of the fastest years of my life and with 2 kids I understand why but I wish it would slow down!

I wanted to look back and reflect on the highlights of this year.  2015 for me has been the year I have personally seen a lot of self growth in.  I was faced with many trials but the good times definitely trump them!  
So here are my highlights for 2015...

Of course the best thing that happened this year was the arrival of our second gorgeous and healthy baby boy.
We welcomed Dylan Jack Nugent into the world at 4.15pm through Cesarean Section on the 12th of August.  He weighed the exact same as his brother 7lb 10oz!  We were all waiting patiently for his arrival but at the end I thought he would never come.  Now 4 months old it was like he was always here.  He slotted right in to our little family and completed our little jigsaw!
Even though this was one of the most amazing moments I will ever experience in my life I was facing one of the toughest experiences to date.  I was going to be facing my second major surgery a Ceaserian section.  Doctors don't do these operations lightly only if there is an opposing risk to you or the baby.  In my case it was a little different due to the emergency of my first section (if you would like to read about it here are the links I had to split it into 2 parts!) 
Birth Story Part 1
Birth Story Part 2
I was given the option to have another one.  At first I chose to labour myself which I went into labour naturally but unfortunately there was ne real progression which led to myself and Lee choosing to have a section over been put on a drip to intensify my labour pains which opposed serious risks such as my scar tearing open etc.  I will sit down and do my second birth story but as for now there is a small synopsis for you guys :D I have a welcome to the world post that briefly goes into detail of my second birth if you would like to read it here is the link...
Welcome To The World...

(We have still yet to get a family photo!  Hopfully we will accomplish this at Christmas :D Haha.)

Okay so another amazing highlight for me this year was of course starting up this blog!  It all started off as a dream for me because for years that's all blogging was just a dream.  I never had the courage or the confidence to just put myself out there but after finding out I was pregnant again I needed some sort of outlet as a stay at home mom.  It can become quite lonely and when the only social stimulation your getting is off a toddler who has an attention span of a fish and can hold a conversation about aswell as Popeye I knew I needed an outlet.  One that would let me share my experiences as a mom, talk about my journey becoming a makeup artist and sharing my tips and tricks along the way.   And oh my has it grown from strength to strength in the last few months.  I have to thank my amazing other half Lee for giving me that nudge I needed to just go for it.  Hes so amazing and so supportive of everything I do and even though he might not read every post hes still my number 1 fan! Haha.

I guess the next highlight while were on the topic of my blog is the fact I hit 40'000 views on my blog at September and now I'm on a whopping 65'000 and counting. That is a massive thank you to you guys.  I think even if there was only 1 person who was reading my posts I'd be happy but the fact that there is quite a few of you is very overwhelming but I am so, so thankful for you guys.  If you didn't know already I have a massive competition running on my Facebook page at the moment as a thank you to all my readers :D
Here is a picture of what you could win plus an amazing Dior Makeover with the Fabulous Franki!

Here is a link to my Facebook the competition is pinned to the top of my page and details of how to enter you will find enclosed :D
I will choose the winner Christmas Eve!

Another highlight for me this year has been getting back into fitness and eating healthier!  Now even though over Christmas I will probably gain twice my body weight in celebrations and chocolate Santas I won't let that stop me from hopping straight back onto the fitness bandwagon in the New Year.  I had a very healthy pregnancy this time around and this year alone I have lost almost 2 stone!  It was not lost over night I had gains and losses so it was a very challenging but weightloss is never an overnight success!  It is a journey one I am still very much on but I am looking forward to seeing what 2016 will hold for me.  With all my new found confidence now hopefully I will pluck up the courage to even go to a fitness class there are so many great ones here in Waterford.  I think that will be one of my New Years resolutions to go to some fitness classes!  Who's with me?

So I had to include The Waterford Bloggers Event as a highlight of my year simply because so much time, prepartion, blood, sweat and tears went into the organising of it! Haha.  All jokes aside this event really was amazing.  I loved every minute of planning it along with these fabulous Deise Bloggers Emma from Mastering Your Makeup, Rachael from Rachsboutique and Jodi from Jodi Roche Makeup!  These 3 girls were just fab and without them the event would still only be an idea in my head! I absolutely loved getting to meet some of Waterford's bloggers such an incredible bunch of girls.  The event itself was great we had a makeup demonstration and plenty of talks from some fab bloggers!  If you would like to see what we got up to aswell as see some of the BOMB products we got in our goodie bags then just click on this post :D 

One last highlight for me has to be my little 2 nights away break with the better half of me! It was the first time in almost 2 years that we have gotten away together!  Can you believe that?  Having 2 kids can make it a little difficult to get away but we have amazing family's and it was all thanks to my mam, dad, sister her boyfriend and my brother that we got away!  So massive thanks to you guys again.  Even though it was only a short trip away I think especially when you have kids its important to make time for each other and your relationship as much as we love being mammy and daddy it was nice to just be Lee and Lisa for a few days!  Don't get me wrong we were both more then ready to come home to our boys after having two nights away from them but we both enjoyed every second of being away together!  I think for 2016 more date nights will be had its so important to make time for that special person in your life and going away with him really made me realise that!

Its very hard to narrow down a years worth of highlights but I think I did a pretty good job!  Overall 2015 has been an awesome year I really can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!
I am going to make a vision board for 2016 for all the things I would like to accomplish so that at the end of the year I can see what goals I have reached and if there is any I haven't.  I find vision boards great because they are a visual reminder every day where as if you write something in a diary or a notebook you might not necessarily go back an read it and for me if its out of sight its out of mind.  I'm useless! Haha.

Let me know in the comments below what some of your highlights were of 2015!  Was it a good year for you?  Was it a bad year?  Whatever the case may be now just draw a line on it 2015 is almost at its end I am hoping nothing but a positive and happy year for you all!

Heres to 2016 make it your best year yet!  
The only thing stopping it from being just that is you!

Until next time,

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