Blogmas Day 1!!! The Waterford Bloggers Event :)

Its the 1st of December WooHooo!!

Guys its officially Christmas season all you scrooges can't deny it anymore! Haha.  This year I have decided to take part in blogmas.  This means every day from now until the 24th of December I will be uploading a new post everyday!  Now with two young baby's and a trip away to Cork I'm not sure how I'll manage it but I'm going to give it my best shot!

I am literally still on a buzz from the event that took place Saturday just gone in The Kazbar Waterford.  I was 1 of 4 of what I like to call 'The Dream Team'! Haha.  The event was 5 almost 6 months in the planning and a lot of time, effort an patience was poured into it!

So we kicked it off with some introductions. I spoke about how my blog and how I came up with the idea of holding an event here in Waterford.  If you haven't been following me on snapchat (@CuddleNContour) then you may not know how I came about the idea.
Basically I started blogging back in late February, early March.  I was pregnant at the time and as I started making friends in the blogging world and making contacts I was getting asked to meet-ups and events but they were all unfortunately being held in Dublin.  Being pregnant travelling that far on a bus by myself just never sat write so I missed endless events and still do! 
Anyways I had a thought to myself one day 'why the hell aren't there any blogger events in Waterford' and hey presto the idea was born!

The Deise Bloggers
Back to the event after myself and the girls who helped organise finished chatting we kicked off with a makeup tutorial done by the Fabulous Gail from Glamour Puss Makeup.  Gail is a local make-up artist based right here in the heart of town.  I will leave her links down below so you can go and check her out shes amazing!  Gail done a look on the Fabulous Emma that was inspired by the one and only Jacqueline Hill! :)

Gails Details :)
After that we had a fab PR talk with a great Deise Blogger Shirley.  Shirley not only is kept busy as the Premium brand buyer for Mulligans chemist but she is also a perfume blogger.  I will leave her links down below so you can check out her blog. :)  Laura also popped up to talk a bit about working for Urban Decays and maybe even the possibility of some Urban Decay makeup courses.  I will leave you no more information as I get it :D

Shirley - Lily and Olive Blog
Laura - Laura Dempsey Makeup Blog
After the talks we took a little brake where we enjoyed some yummy cupcakes from Kilmeaden Cakes and some amazing finger food from the Kazbar.  We all chatted, took pictures with our Instagram and Deise Blogger boards and all the girls were taking sneaky peaks inside there amazing goodie bags!
Oh boy! The goodie bags.  There was 4 in total for each blogger with some top brands sponsoring the bags such as Penneys, Blank Canvas, Nia, W7, Paese Cosmetics, Ziaja, Billion Dollar Brows and BabyDoll Cosmetics to name only a few.  I am still going through mine it was like Christmas morning going sorting through all the stuff!  Here are some of my favourites from the goodie bags.  Anything you want reviews of let me know :D

After our little brake Emma spoke about Ziaja skincare.  She is brand ambassador and has done a handful of talks already for the brand.

Emma - Mastering Your Makeup Blog
We also had a raffle where some of the top prizes included a voucher for Lulubelle for HD brows, a Mulligans €20 gift makeup voucher and loads more.
It was great to meet all the girls who were all so nice, friendly and chatty.  It kind of felt more like a girly day then a blogger event. Haha.
Here are some of the pictures from the event...

And that's it.  I hoped you enjoyed my post on Waterford's first ever Blogger event. Thanks to the Kazbar Waterford for sponsoring the goodie bags and giving us a venue!  Thank you to all the brands who sponsored products and to all the girls who came and made Waterford's first blog event a massive success, and I guess the biggest thanks you goes to Jodi, Emma and Rachael for helping organise it.

  Until next time,

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