The Christmas Tag Post 2015 :)

Tis' the season to be jolly...

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3 I know I totally missed yesterday but I will make up for it :D 
Ahhh you guys, can you tell I'm excited for Christmas this year?  My decorations have been up since Saturday and I am in the festive spirit and with that so is one of my favourite bloggers Emma from Mastering Your Makeup who has tagged me in this Christmas post!  I am so excited to do this tag so with that being said here it is...

#1.  What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
So I have 3 main favourite Christmas films.  I honestly enjoy them all bu these are the ones I will watch on repeat until Christmas is over! Haha

  • Elf 
  • The Polar Express
  • The Grinch

#2.  Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?
What?  Are you telling me people open there presents on Christmas Eve? What? Haha.  Noway I am all about waking up early Christmas morning and going down with the fire still half lit from the night before, the Christmas tree lights sparkling and opening my presents then.  Things have changed a little in recent years though with now having a family of my own.  Now that Cailan is at the age where he understands I will still carry on the same traditions as I grew up with so that will be opening presents Christmas day!  However this year we will be starting a tradition of our own.  Every night on Christmas Eve Cailan and eventually Dylan when hes old enough will get to open a present.  It will contain his Christmas pjs, a Christmas DVD and some snacks for the movie!  I just think this a fun and festive treat and can't wait to see his little face!

#3.  Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Its to impossible to pick just one!  I remember one year my brother got this massive driving chair and stiring wheel connection for the playstation like you sat into it and you had to use the acceraltor and brake pedal too this thing was state of the art at the time and it far by excelled even myself and my sisters presents! Haha we all spent the day taking turns on it.  My Nanny and Grandad were over for dinner and sure didn't my Nanny decide to get on and have a go! Bare in mind it was all set up on the coffee table in the sitting room well up she got and gave the rest of us a run for our money.  It wasn't until she tried to get off that she found herself 'stuck' in it.  I don't think myself and my sister laughed as much as we did as she tried to get off!

#4.  Favourite Christmas Food?
Am I weird?  I literally love the roast beef or stuffing?  I am not a massive fan of turkey!

#5.  Favourite Christmas gift?
My favourite Christmas gift ever has to be a toss up between a dance mat I got along with a Britney Spears dance game or my Westlife themed nokia 3310!  It came preloaded with 3 polyphonic Westlife songs from there Coast to Coast album along with the album itself!  Christ I'm only 23 but that makes me feel so old!  Let me know if you know what a polyphonic ringtone is in the comments below! Haha.

#6.  Favourite Christmas scent?
I'm not big into scents I never really was but this year I've been burning christmasy scents like cinnamon and mulled wine.

#7.  Have you any Christmas Eve traditions?
Now we have my own little family myself and Lee are creating our own little traditions.  Like for example instead of just posting our letter to Santa we leave it in the fire and wait for Santas Elfs to come and collect it.  The Elfs then left a chocolate Santa so that obviously  means his been a good boy surely? Haha.  Also on Christmas eve he will gt to open a present from myself and Lee in it will contain his Christmas pjamas. a Christmas DVD and some munchies for the film. I love our little traditions and I'm sure as the boys get older we will be adding to them :)

#8.  What tops your tree?
An Angel tops our Tree.

#9.  As a kid what was the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?
If I'm completely honest I've been very lucky growing up that I've always managed to get what I asked for.  I never really asked for anything extravagant a phone and a playstation were probably the biggest presents I asked for.

#10.  What's the best part of Christmas for you?
The sense of closeness within my family.  I love going to my mam and dads house on Christmas and seeing my brother and sister too.  Because of school and work we are all hardly ever in the same place at the same time so I love just getting to spend time with everyone and just have a laugh really.

So that's my Christmas tag done thanks to Emma from Mastering Your Makeup for tagging me again.  I am going to tag...

Looking forward to reading your blogs girls don't forget to tag me when you have them done so I can read them :D

I shall see you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 4 :)

The Countdown is on!

  Until next time,

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