My hopes and dreams for 2016!

Hey my lovelys :)

So as 2015 has drawn to a close and we are now officially over the first day of the year I wanted to sit down and get out my notebook and right down all the things I would like to see happen or things I would like to accomplish in 2016!

If you have read my post on my 2015 highlights then you will know that 2015 has been an amazing year for me!  With the birth of my second son and starting up this blog it has been pretty incredible.  I am so looking forward to seeing what the year ahead holds for me but here are some of my hopes and dreams for 2016...

#1.  I want to learn to drive!
Move over Louis Hamilton because 2016 may be the year your knocked off the top!!!  Okay so maybe not but I do hope to be driving around by the summer time.  Driving has always been something I wanted to do but I just never made time for it.  I think it would be nice to also give Lee a little brake from driving me around everywhere too! Haha.

#2.  Get my ass finally onto Youtube!  
So I know I have 1 video up on YouTube (I know only one, haha) but due to having a camera that doesn't pick up great sound!  Believe me I learned the hard way!  I recorded 5 videos... yes 5 and when I went to sit down and edit them there was hardly any sound!  You can imagine how frustrating that must of been for me but more so it was so disappointing!  I was so excited to begin my journey on YouTube as a beauty and mommy YouTuber!  But everything happens for a reason maybe it wasn't the right time for me, I don't know really.  However, Santa was very good, very good indeed. I got my first camera and I am too excited to sit down and record some videos at last.  Any requests leave them in the comments below!!
If you would like to see my first YouTube video Click Here.

#3.  Grow my Career!
The dream is to blog full time!!  Be a full time blogger and makeup artist!  But until that actually happens I still need to put food on the table so I want to concentrate a lot more on my make-ups and my make-up page.  I am so thankful for every client I have had in 2015 to all my new and returning! I would love to paint more faces in 2016 so that's the plan.  I think as a special coming into January I might run a competition to kick things off!  We shall wait and see. :D

#4.  Do a 5k!
Okay so I recently joined the gym and I have been focusing a lot on my cardio.  I used to be so fit playing full basketball matches without stopping for a breath now I can't watch a basketball match without becoming breathless! Haha.  Its the one thing I really kick myself for is losing my fitness!  However I am more then determined to get back on it, and on it being a treadmill or a running track and accomplishing that 5k.  I would love to run a whole 5k whether that be realistic or not is another thing but as they say fail to prepare then prepare to fail!  I am going to dedicate at least 4 days in the gym to achieving my goal! The only thing that is stopping me is me!

#5.  Live Life
Okay so this one may be a little more on the cheesy side but it's the one that is most important to me!  Sometimes its hard to get caught up in the daily mundane routine and be in the mindset where you have to get the beds made, hang out the washing, make the dinner etc.  This year I really want to focus more on the fun times and just say yes more rather then putting it off until late or another day.

As you can probably tell I have decided to be a little more selfish this year.  On reflection over the last few years I have given everything up for my boys but it doesn't have to be like that.  There are certain pressures that are put on mothers and one big one is that you must give everything up and look after your kids.  Your social life, your friends, your hopes and dreams. So I did just that and I became miserable.  I recently watched a video clip of Jada Pinkett Smith (I will link it below) sitting down with her mother and her daughter Willow and Willow asks her what it is like to be a mother and a wife and her answer is just empowering!!  In her answer she talks about how she gave everything up when she became a mother and it made her miserable.  She spoke about how she depended on her husband and her kids for happiness rather then being able to make herself happy.  After watching the clip it really hit home!  I'm sure I am one of many hundreds and maybe even thousands of mothers and wife's who felt like this.  It was then in that moment I new what I had to do. Instead of talking about all the things I would love to do I am going to make it happen.   You can't depend on others to make you happy.  You need to take care of yourself first and then the rest will fall into place.

I hope this year brings you nothing but happiness, your own happiness :)

Until next time,

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  1. good job Lisa, heres to an amazing year for you and the blog ! <3 xo B

    1. Thanks Chick :) You too I wish you nothing but continued success :) xx

  2. Happy new year... Love the last line of your post "You need to take care of yourself first and then the rest will fall into place." :)

    1. Thank you hun, its very true though you have to remain loyal to yourself :) If you don't who will!! :D


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