My top tips for starting this year off on the right foot!

Hey Dolls,

So if you are like me you are determined to make 2016 your year.  So here are my top tips for starting the new year off on the right foot!

#1.  Reflect on the year that has just past!
So I have already reflected on 2015 and set myself my goals for 2016.  I think its very healthy to take a look back and see how far you've come, the things you have achieved and still want to.  My advice would be to take 10-15 minutes out of your day to sit down alone pen and paper in one hand and a cuppa in the other and answer these questions...

- What have I achieved this year?
- What are the things that made me happy this year?
- What challenges did I face?
- How did I overcome them?
- My highlights!
- Things I wish to repeat this year?
- Things I wish not to repeat this year?

After I sit down and answer these questions I am left with a clear summary of my year.  I can bring the positives with me and leave behind the negatives.

#2.  Create a vision board.
If you have ever created a vision board then you will know how helpful they can be!  I created one last year of all the things I would like to accomplish in 2015 and I exceeded in some and reached others.  For those of you who don't know what a vision board is I will explain it now.  So a vision board is basically a visual representation of your hopes, dreams and goals.  So for example on last years one I had a picture of a girl sitting at a computer this represented for me blogging.  Which is a goal I did reach another picture I displayed on my board was an L plate and car keys.  This represented me learning to drive and finally being able to hold onto the car keys instead of always handing them to Lee.  Unfortunately this was on of the things that took a back seat so it will remain on my board for this year.  I am really looking forward to sitting down and putting all this years goals on my board.  The reason I find it helpful is because it gives me something to look at everyday and motivate ,e in wanting to reach these goals.

#3.  Brake down your goals to reachable milestones.
So now that you have your goals for this year and you have displayed them on your vision board it is now time to sit and think of how you are going to reach these goals.  So as another example one of my goals this year is to run a 5k!  Okay so that's all well and good saying that but how am I going to get to that point?  Making a gym or running schedule will help aswell as getting back on slimming world and losing that extra few pounds I gained at christmas will also certainly help! Haha.  You are never going to just reach your goal without grafting.  Sit down and really think about where you are now, how far away from your goal are you and what steps do you need to take to reach your goal.

#4.  Put yourself first!
So for the last 2 and a half years I have put my family first.  Forgetting about all my hopes and dreams, giving up my social life and not working because that's what a good mam does right?  WRONG!!!  I have felt that pressure for so long that I looked to others for my happiness.  I looked to my kids and my boyfriend and depended on them to make me happy instead of doing it for myself. I found this expression to be more then true ''we can't take care of others until we take care of ourselves''.  This is the year of putting myself first, now this doesn't mean I am a bad mother or bad girlfriend.  Infact it will make me even better at both.  What we do ourselves will have a much bigger impact on others the anything we say.  Make the time every day for yourself so that you can have the time to reach your goals.  Whether that be 1 hour for the gym or a half an hour to write a post whatever your goals are make the time!  You are important!

#5. Declutter.
There is no point in holding onto last years junk and there is certainly no need to be hanging onto clothes you might have never even worn!  So here are a few tips to to declutter you room or house this year.

- Turn all your hangers backwards in your wardrobe.  Every time you wear something turn the hanger the right way around.  At the end of 4/5 months all the hangers that are still remaining backwards just get rid of the clothes.  Whether you pass them onto a family member or give them to charity.  There is no point in you holding onto them!
-  Add more space to your wardrobe by adding hanging canvas shelves.  This will give you more room to store stuff so you want have to buy more additional storage such as a chest of drawers etc.
- Use pull out baskets in your fridge.  Now I have a pretty big fridge to begin with but after the big weekly shop I struggle to fit everything in and as a result food gets piled on top of each other and in some case resulting in products, fruit, veg etc. going off due to being hidden in the fridge.  So I now have small pull out baskets organising everything so I have one for fruit, veg, cheese and any sort of cold meat and another for treats this allows to to store everything else like yogurt an milk in a way in which the will always be seen.  Slightly OCD maybe but I promise you it will change you life! Haha.
- If you were to open my hot press you would probably be greeted by every sheet, duvet and pillowcase falling on top of you.  However I spotted this very clever hack on Pinterest one day and it is to store the duvet case an other pillowcase in the one pillowcase.  This way whenever the beds or your bed neeeds to be changed all you have to do is grab the pillowcase and everything you need is in there!  Genius I know!!!
- Focus on one room at a time!  I know I could go into every room in my house and remove clutter that is just the kind of person I am.  I am one of those people who prefers to have something  incase you might need it rather then having to go look for something when you need it!  You will get nowhere jumping from room to room rather then just focusing on the task at hand.

#6.  Eat breakfast!
Eating breakfast is essential in helping you to reach your goals this year.  Not only will it set you up for the day you will already be more focused and have more energy to start working on and reaching your goals.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for getting your year off to a good start!  Have you any other tips?  What do you like to do to get you focused on the year ahead?  Let me know I love to hear from you guys.

Until next time,

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