Revlon 24 Hour Colour Stay Foundation ((Review))

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So as of late I have abandoned the beauty side of my blog as I have predominately focused on beauty on my other social medias such as Snapchat and Facebook.  My blog over the past few weeks has become somewhere where I've ranted and update you on my life but now that, that's all out of my system I am back with a vengeance and I am back with plenty of reviews, cult beauty products, makeup looks, tips and tutorials and even a new mini series where I will be bring you my favourite budget beauty finds!

As you know from the title I am reviewing Revlons 24 Hour Colour Stay Foundation.  I first discovered this foundation at The Beauty Show in Dublin last March.  There was a mix mash of products in buckets and you could choose any 3 for €5!!  I couldn't believe my eyes so when I seen the foundation I grabbed one!  It was absolutely hectic at this counter in-particular as you could imagine we were like a flock of pigeons at the seaside all trying to peck out the tastiest chips!  It was absolutely manic, MANIC but so worth it!  It was only when I went home and tried it out that my love for this foundation was born!

But before I did that I decided to read up on this foundation however the reviews were very mixed, I'd even go as far as saying they leaned more on the negative then the positive.  If you know me or have been following me for a while I like to try out things for myself and give things a go.  Just because something hasn't worked for someone else doesn't mean its not going to work for me!

So before I give you my verdict here is a little run down on the foundation!

It has one of the biggest shade ranges for a drugstore foundation.  It caters for all skin types and colours.  If you have a yellow undertone theres a shade for you, if you have oily skin there s a foundation for you!  Its almost unheard of when it comes to drugstore makeup to have such a wide variety on offer to you but this is something the Revlon brand has excelled in!  These are the shades available here in Ireland.

These are the shades I have in my kit.  Sand beige is my personal favourite it is a slightly warmed up version of Ivory and gives us pale Irish gals some life!

The packaging in my opinion is the only thing that lets this foundation down!  The foundation comes in a glass bottle and no pump.  While I can overlook the glass bottle, even though my heart stops every time I drop it, I can deal with that!  Its the no pump that really bothers me.  You have to pour out the foundation and more often then not it come gushing out resulting in you having to scoop back in the foundation.   Now I know its major first world problems but I can't be the only one to find this annoying can I?  Let me know!

The coverage, texture and blendabilty of this product is what brings it to a class of its own!  I apply the product onto my hand and taking a foundation brush I apply it in spots all over my face and blend.   It gives a very flawless finish to the skin and I would say its a mix between a dewy and satin finish!  The texture is very creamy and to some might seem thick but it is very light when applied on the skin.  A little goes a very long way!  I would say the coverage is very high and only for I have very dark circles it would eliminate the need for me to use concealer you can see from the picture below that it takes away all the redness in my skin, my freckles and any imperfections I have.

(If you wish for product details of this look let me know and I can do a separate post) 

I have been wearing this foundation all day errrday and let me tell you I never need to touch!  At the end of the day my makeup is still on point.  I have tried this foundation with and without primers and settings sprays but to be quite frank whether I use a primer or not it doesn't make a difference because this makeup does not budge!  I mean it really does live up to the 24 hour claim!  It retails at the higher end of the drugstore price range at €17.79 but when compared to other foundations like Mac, Estee Lauder, Inglot and others its still very affordable for the quality of product your getting.

I have done a little round up of the pros and cons for you...

- The coverage is insane.
- It doesn't look cakey.
- There is a shade to suit all skin types.
- It has incredible lasting power.
- Its very easy to work with.
- Widely available.
- Affordable.

- It has no pump.
- It comes in a glass bottle.

This foundation gets a 9/10 from me losing only one mark for its packaging and not the product itself!  So as you can tell I love this product and it is and will remain a staple product in my makeup bag and kit for the foreseeable future :)

Have any of you guys tried this foundation out?  What are your thoughts?
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  1. Sounds lovely! It's so hard to get foundations in darker shades so I'll check it out.

    1. Yeah I find they have such an amazing shade range there definitely worth checking out next time your near a boots! :)


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