My favourite snappers (Part1 ) :)

Hey my lovelys :)

So this post has been a long time coming. Mainly because I've switched up who I have been watching on there so many times! Haha Ye guys know that I'm addicted to snapchat in every way whether I'm taking snaps or watching them that app is my life!  I guess I love how real most people are on there.  I love how its an instant interaction with you guys too.  Whats not to love right? Haha.  If your not following me already do I'm @CuddleNContour :)
Right now I've just been loving gals I can really relate to so If your following me I think you will love these ladies!!

#1. @jenniferdevitt

Okay so I love Jen and I'd go as far as saying she is one of my 'friends in my pocket'!  Sorry Kim from (@kimdempo) I had to rob that on you genius! Haha.  Like I've said this about her before but I really believe if we lived closer we would have met up for a coffee already for sure!  She is such a genuine, honest and funny girl.  I can't get enough of her snaps.  Whether its her morning coffee chat snaps or her in the car rants this girl is hilarious.  Her winged liner is always flawless and her long bobbed cut makes me want to cut mine! If your not already following this girl get on it!!!

#2.  @KimDempo

I call her soso for short!  No I am not crazy her blog is called SosoDempo and its also her username on snapchat! Haha.  She is also the creator of the phrase friend in my pocket and I she is certainly one of mine.  This girl just seems to be able to do it all.  I watch most of her snaps with a hint of aspiration mainly her meal prep and cooking skills.  Like seriously she makes it look so easy!  She chats about everything and anything and again I love this girls honesty.  She just says it like it is and theres not many snappers around that do that!  Myself and Kim have chatted over and back the past while and I can honestly say the girl off the camera is the same as the one whos on it! Love this girl, go give her a follow :D

#3.  @jennydonohoe283

Okay so this Jen is one half of the dynamic duo Matte To Metallic and shes such an amazing and talented lady.  I have been in awe of Jens work very early on and have watched her grow from success to success.  Not only does she run a makeup academy with Ciara the other half of Matte To Metallic but shes brand ambassador for The Vintage Cosmetic Company on top of being a mammy to two amazing kids which one she only gave birth too quite recently, baby Charlotte.  This little cutiebear is the image of her mammy its actually uncanny!!  Whenever I've chatted to Jen shes always been super nice, supportive and encouraging.  Even with all her amazing success Jen has remained herself.  She takes the time to answer everyone back and for that shes up there with my favourite snappers :D

#4.  @dianeeverettmua

Diana is one of the most prestigious MUA's in the South East!  Her passion for skincare and makeup really shines through in her snaps.  I watch her snaps with a pen and paper in hand because almost everytime I watch there is a new product I'm lusting after! She does amazing mini tutorials on snapchat where one of the best makeup rules to live by came about... 'Blend until you cramp'.  Which couldn't be more apt when your taking about perfecting that smokey eye right girls?  She is a constant stream of knowledge when it comes to makeup and skincare and her contour is always on point!  Serious hair and brow envy like her game is FIERCE! Your seriously missing out if your not following already go and check her out!!!!

#5. @laudempmakeup

Another Waterford gal you must simply follow.  Lauras makeup is seriously always on point like I don't understand how its so perfect all the time! Haha  She is so down to earth and says it how she sees it.  I've watched her success grow over the past few months and I kinda feel like a proud mom.  I guess its a Waterford thing I love to see girls from here do well.  Not only has Laura recently took a massive step to go out on her own and set up her very own studio but she just recently got to do the always gorgeous and one of Irelands leading business women Marissa Carter's makeup!  What an achievement I predict massive things for this girl in 2016 so why not chekc out her journey over on snapchat.  She also does the most insane tutorials! Her selfie game is something to be admired too!

#6.  @sinead-makeup

As you can probably tell by now I am obsessed with beauty snappers and if thats your thing and your not following sinead-makeup then you are seriously missing out ladies!!  What I love about Sinead's tutorials is that there always simple to follow.  She makes the whole smokey eye winged liner look like a piece of cake.  Sinead is another ridiculously talented girl and her brush and makeup collection is to be envied.  I've recently been chatting back and forth with Sinead and she is seriously such a sweet and lovely girl.  We both admit were not the most tech savy but we get by... Haha.  I really hope one day this girl gets onto Youtube!  Maybe we could get someone to do the editing for us what you think? Haha.  Girls pop over and follow Sinead now if makeup is your thing you will not be disappointment!

#7.  @meeshpearson

So taking a brake from the beauty snappers for just a moment here is one of my all time favourite mommy snappers!  Michelle is a gorgeous wife and mother to three even more gorgeous kidos.  Two boys and a girl.  I see alot of myself in Michelle I guess that is why I find her so relate-table.  She keeps things as real as they get and I admire her for that!  I first found Michelle on YouTube quite a number of years ago now when she only had her first get Will.  I didn't even have kids at that stage and I still became obsessed with her videos mainly because she is such a warm, loving and down to earth girl.  Michelle covers a range of topics on both her YouTube and snapchat.  She is an absolute must follow in my opinion and especially if your a mommy head over to her YouTube where you will find endless videos covering an array of videos from vlogs, hauls, sit down mommy chat videos where she covers all kinds of topics such as depression, activities for toddlers etc.  Michelle is one of my mommy inspirations so go and check her out.

#8.  @melissagblogger

Okay so were getting back on track with the beauty snappers but Melissa offers so much more then just that.  She does outfits of the day, she sits down and chats and pretty much takes you along with her for the day which is the type of snapper I am obsessed with!  Melissa is such a genuinely nice girl and have I mentioned shes an absolute babe too?  Seriously such a natural beauty and her makeup game is strong too.  Melissa has a fashion and beauty blog which has become somewhat of a bible to me.  I take alot of inspo from this girl fashion wise especially because I feel after having two kids I can tend to stick with just whats comfy sometimes then what looks good this girls always gives me that nudge to up my game without even knowing she does!  Well she does now I guess so thanks Mel <3 Haha.

#9.  @bbeauty_jan

So I first met Janet at the Waterford blogger event and yes she is another Waterford blogger and what?  Haha all joking aside this girl has quickly become one of my snapchat must watches!  I just love flicking through her snaps at night (usually the only time I get to watch)  but she goes into dept and detail about her favourite skincare and makeup products which I love.  She recently done a snapchat tutorial which was amazing!!  SO flawless honestly she made drawing on brows look so easy! Haha I hope she does more tutorials soon I know I'll be watching will you??

#10.  @sparklingbitch

Nicola is another inspiration for me.  She is a mom to the most adorable little boy can I just say boy moms rule! :P The reason she is such an inspo for me is pretty simple she has created her own lash and brush line called Buff and Blend which are simply amazing!  Nicola is such a funny and down to earth girl and you can tell that by her snapchats.  She also has the most amazing tutorials on YouTube so if you haven't already go and check them out.  This girl is on a whole other level when it comes to her knowledge of makeup, skin, face shapes I mean you name it and this girl knows it.  She recently done a Q'n'A on snapchat where she got into detail about everything from hooded eyes to best foundations for different skin types.  This girl is not just a boss bitch shes also a very talented makeup artist and such an interesting person to follow on snapchat!  110%  recommend you follow her!

So as I didn't want this post to be ridiculously long I decided to brake it into to separate posts which I will post the second part next week!

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Guys and I look forward to seeing you guys over on snapchat :D

Until next time,

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