The Danielle Mahon Shiseido Masterclass

Hey My Lovelys,

I am finally getting around to sitting down to tell you all about the amazing masterclass I attended last week with the gorgeous Danielle Mahon.
Danielle is one of of Ireland's most prestigious and Bridal Makeup Artists and Bloggers.  She has recently become brand ambassador for Shiseido a brand in which she fell in love with from the very early onset of her career.
Shiseido was the first ever makeup brand to launch in the world.  It is just over 140 years old! This means every other brand out there has more or less spawned from Shiseido and for a makeup brand to be still out there after all this time they must be doing something right.  I have to say I never looked twice at a Shiseido stand but now I have falling in love and I'm kind of addicted!

Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of wine of our choosing aswell as complementary nimbles! I thought this was such a lovely gesture and really made me feel welcomed and relax.

We were then shown to a seating area where we awaited for the masterclass to start.  Danielle was already there prepping her model Melissa who is another fellow Deise Blogger and one of the first bloggers from Waterford I ever followed.  I will leave her links down below. :)

The masterclass itself lasted around an hour and a half where Danielle talked through every product she used and why and how she used it.  She also encourage us to ask any questions which made the masterclass very interactive and got people involved.  She explained everything is such a relaxed and fun way you would know she is a true professional! 

When you were watching Danielle at work you knew you were watching someone who knew there stuff.  I mean I came out of there with so many new tips and tricks that I just couldn't wait to share with you all!  Here are some of the tricks I picked up...

#1.  SKINCARE, SKINCARE, SKINCARE!!! It is so important to look after your skin we all know that right?  Well did you know when you cleanse you should always cleanse the skin twice?  This will make sure any dirt or left over makeup of removed from your skin.  The better the canvas the better the painting ;)

#2.  If your eyes water when applying liner then just give a sniff!  This may sound a little crazy but it works.  When you sniff it stops the tears falling from your eyes.  Such a neat and handy little trick!

#3.  If you have dark circles, use a concealer that has a pink undertone to concealer the under eye area! If you don't you will end up highlighting the under eye area and no one wants to highlight dark circles trust me!!!

She showed us how to create the perfect smokey eye.  Here is the finished look and Melissa.

If you get a chance to attend one of Danielle's masterclasses then you should jump at the chance.  Serious this girls talent knows, no limits.  She will be running a series of masterclasses throughout Ireland so keep an eye out in your local Mulligans.  It maybe even be worth popping in and asking I'm sure if there was enough interest she would come.

The girls that were working in Mulligans on the night were all an absolute pleasure to chat too.  They were all very accommodating and so helpful because of this I will be back to Mulligans on the Dunmore Road for sure.  You can not beat good customer care and they have it in abundance!!

Everyone who attended was giving a Shiseido goodie bag aswell as a further 10% off all purchases on the night!!  Your €15 ticket was also fully redeemable on products on the night so I picked up an amazing Foundation one which Danielle showcased on the night.

So this was the content of our goodie bag :)

 So on the night I purchased the Perfect Refining Foundation.  This would usually retail for €42 but because of the amazing offers on the night I got it for €23 which is almost half price!  Crazy!!  I knew once I seen Danielle applying the foundation I had to have it.  It went on so flawlessly and I have to say it did not disappoint!
My first impression of the product when I tried it out was how super light weight it was once it reached the skin.  It glided on seamlessly and the coverage was amazing! I will be doing a full review of this foundation as keep an eye out for that!

All in all it was a super fun night and I just want to say a massive thank you to Mulligans Drive Through Pharmacy on the Dunmore Road as well as Danielle herself and Shiseido Ireland for hosting such a fab night!
Well done to all involved! :D

If you would like to have a browse at Shiseidos Makeup or Skincare range then pop out to Mulligans I'm sure any of the girls will be more then happy to help you out.

((Heres myself and the sis on the night she may very well kill me for including this but oh well, haha))

Heres a little picture of my makeup on the night :D

Until next time,

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