Theres no such thing as a TV Mom!!!

So every so often I sit down and evaluate my life.  If the washing isn't done, I'm sitting in yesterdays track ends and I haven't emptied Dylans bath from last night yet I feel the sudden pressure to get my shit together?  Why? Because television, magazines and even social media have set the most unrealistic bar for stay at home moms even if you tried to climb to the top of the bar you wouldn't come close.  There is no such thing as the tv mom!  Come on what woman will have every inch of the house clean and sparkled, breakfast, lunch and dinner preplanned for the whole week, clothes set out on top of having every piece of washing done, washed dried ironed folded... the list of jobs is endless and thats just jobs around the house!  Shall I start with the kids jobs?  You have to make sure their bathed, fed, played with and entertained ALL DAY if not in school yet!

The thing that really bothers me is, when come the end of the day and everything's not done I feel like I have failed thats not right!  Thats not right at all.  It has taken me sometime to wake up from wanting to be the perfect mom whos grass is always green to a mom you is okay with an uneven patch of grass!  There is enough pressures in this world for us so adding our own unrealistic ones on top is just ridiculous.  If your like me and you set yourself these impossible tasks then stop.  You'll eventually burn yourself out and for what?  An empty wash basket and clean floors.  Nah, to me it's not worth it!  I'd rather have happy kids and a happy mommy then a clean house and unhappy kids cause there mommy is too busy to play paw patrol because I'm preoccupied bleaching my toilets!

I'm not saying to drop everything but take things on in manageable and realistic portions.  Maybe do your washing only of a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Small things like that will really make a difference.
If you would like to see my weekly routine then let me know in the comments below :D

Stay strong house mommas I here you!! :)

Until next time,

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  1. Absolutely love this! It is so true and was a good reminder for me today. You are doing awesome. Keep it up.

    xoxo, rachael


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