**Budget Beauty** Nivea Daily Essentials Double Eye Make-up Remover Review

Hey my lovelys :)

I decided to start a new little series on the blog.  Throughout each month I will be bringing you my top beauty buys on a budget!  The first in this series I want to bring you a fantastic eye makeup remover that won't brake the bank.  In fact at only €4.99 it is a must have in my opinion!

The first thing I loved about this product is that it is for all skin types.  Being a makeup artist having skincare in your kit that is suitable for all skin types is a must and not every product has to brake the bank to actually work!

I tried this Nivea eye makeup remover for over a period of 3 weeks and I have falling in love with it. Its kind to the eyes and skin but removes the toughest of products including waterproof mascara and even Inglots Amc eyeliner gel! Haha. That was the real test for me if you can remove my gel liner then your a winner! Haha. 

So as this is the Double Effects remover it comes in two phases oil and water.  This is why upon use you must shake the product well!  Mixing both ingredients together!  The oil will effectively remove all traces of waterproof mascara, kohl liner, dark shadows, glitter liners, you name it!  And the water will gentle cleanse and care for your lashes leaving behind no oily residue!  

If you haven't ever used eye makeup remover here is a quick guide on how to use it.

-  With most water based products its important to give them a good shake before use.
-  Next get your cotton cleansing pad and pour some product directly onto the pad.
-  Starting from the inner eye and wiping outwards gentle cleanse the eye area.
-  Repeat the last step until all makeup is removed.
(This product is also suitable for wearers of contact lenses)

Now some of you might ask is eye makeup remover necessary?  Well if you wear any sort of eye makeup then the answer is yes!!  We are all guilty of putting in that extra time applying makeup but not so much when it comes to taking it off!  I know I was guilty as hell!  I even used to sleep with my makeup on!! I know, I know shock horror but I wouldn't think twice about it now.  It is so important to look after your skin now and get into a routine because your skin will really thank you for it later!

So upon reflection of use of this product I would totally repurchase!  Its cheap and cheerful,  It won't use all your penneys but it will effectively remove every piece of eye makeup!  
I give this a 5/5.

I will be back soon with my next budget beauty products!  
What are yours?

Until next time,

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