The No Sleep Rant

I am sitting down writing this post with eyes that look like I've been smoking crack the last three days when in actual fact I have just not slept.  You don't appreciate how much you enjoy sleep until you can't have it.
Tiredness is certainly starting to get the better of me now.  As I sit here I am angry, tired and emotional all at the same time.  I'm on the edge of tears and all for one simple reason, sleep.  I'm running on empty and I honestly don't know how I'm still going.  I did mention this was a rant didn't I?  Okay good!

Dylan has been fighting off this very nasty chesty cough and cold aswell as trying to break through teeth so he is so unwell.  My heart is broke over him.  The poor child needs sleep to recover but won't!  He refuses to sleep and when he finally does drift off hes woken up by that horrible chesty cough!  Which we all know how irritating that can be!

Night times have become a relay for myself and Lee.  We've sort of become a tag team when one is literally falling asleep the other will wake and this has been going on the last 3 days!

I can take on just about anything, once I have slept!
Stuff I do everyday have now become chores like taking my makeup off.  Do you know I've slept with my makeup on the last 3 nights?  Yup, when I reach the top of the stairs and my bed is just in site I have two choices... wash my teeth and get into bed or go up to the top floor take off my makeup, come back down wash my teeth then go to bed!  I have been choosing the first one!

This is clearly a very selfish rant because here I am complaining about not taking off my makeup and not sleeping when there is clearly so many other things going on in this world.

But this is real life, this is a mommys life,  this is my life!

Ughh, heres to a speedy recovery for poor Dylo. We have gotten him some cough syrup that lubricates the throat so for the first time in days he had a 3 hour nap!!! 3 hours!  Things are looking up!
Well heres hoping....

Okay I am done with the MeMes.  I love how they can actually capture how you feel sometimes though!


Until next time,

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  1. Oh we have all been there. Good to read and know its normal !!!

    Hello from Little Lids Siobhan

    1. Ohh its normal doll! You'd just be glad of a bit of sleep wouldn't you! Haha


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