Im back and with a new schedule too!!

I have taking a little while away from the blog for different reasons some personal some could not be helped. 
Either way it has given me a chance to sit back an reflect over the year I've had and what direction I want to take the blog in.  I am absolutely loving writing about my mammy adventures but I feel I want to get stuck in more to the nitty gritty of day to day life so I have decided to do Mommy Mondays! Every Monday I will be uploading a mommy related post whether its a ramble or a rant an update or an activity we done that week you can expect a mommy post every single Monday!
Wednesdays are going to be What I Wore Wednesday but with a twist!  It will be a what I Wore Wednesday on my Face!  Sort of like a makeup of the day,  you with me?  I will choose my favourite look of the week and explain exactly how I achieved this look and what products were used!  Then I will be posting on Fridays too.
Fridays will be my hauls, life rants, reviews, bargain finds etc.

I am really looking forward to the new schedule and I hope you are too.  From chatting to readers and followers everyone follows me for a different reason or another that way everyone has something to look forward to each week!

I just want to take the time while I'm here to thank each and every one of you for your support, kindness and love!  I never dreamed when I started blogging a year ago that I would be in the position I am today writing for people who actually want to listen to what I have to say!  Its crazy! Thank you everyone!

Anyways the new schedule will be in full swing from next Monday on and expect a very long extensive haul next Friday as I'm going to the beauty show and I can already sense its going to be crazy!  I do plan on making a pitstop stop to Inglot too!  Oh dear god someone stop me now! Haha.

Let me know what you think of the new schedule?
Would love to hear from you guys!

Until next time,

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