Mommy Mondays - 2 Kids and I'm Done!!!

So this post has been on the back of my mind since I was pregnant on my second child.  Once I found out Dylan was a boy people began to automatically assume we would be trying again for a third baby to have a girl!
Now call me old fashioned but I was just so relieved to hear that my baby was healthy I honestly didn't mind if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl.
Even now when people ask myself and Lee are we done and we tell them yes their reply is usually ahh yere young you'll go again in a few years! And then when we say no were really done, this seems to shock people? It's as if, just because I'm young (23) I'm not old enough to know what I want! Which is a joke because at the tender age of 17 your expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life!! But that's a different rant for a different night!  Anyways it is annoying when people tell me something different!  I mean myself and Lee both know what we want and we are both happy with our little family of 4!

I guess things may be different if I was able to labour myself but my body doesn't seem to be able to do it naturally.  I've had two sections one being an emergency and I just can't put myself through another one.  I am just so grateful both my baby's came out of their labours safe and healthy with no problems.  Me too, I'm so grateful that there was no complications and that I was able to recover fully and get back to my self!  My pregnancy's were both amazing, zero morning sickness some headaches here and there that was it, but my labors!  Now they were a completely different story.  I can't tell you how terrify it is giving the one job you have to do as a parent, look after your kid, and hand that job over to somebody else.  Not only did I have to do that but I had to hand full control of what happened me over too.  Can you imagine?  Being completely helpless, knowing there is not one single thing you can do to help your baby into this world only lay back and trust somebody else to do it for you.  It was soul destroying first time around and I guess by the time it came around again with the second I was prepared for it and knew that it was the only way.

There will be no third time I am completely in love with my family as it is now its me and my three boys!
I am so happy I had my kids young.  I had my first at 20 and my second at 23 and there the best 2 decisions we have ever made.  Now all we want to is live our lives and enjoy life together.

Myself an Lee may have done things backwards.  By having the kids first before getting married and buying the house but so what?  I have't seen any rule book to say that this is the way things should be done and that's, that!  I'm sure all of these things will come and how amazing will it be to have our two boys by our side to share these special moments!

I am blessed beyond measure and I am thankful everyday for it.

Until next time,

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