My Inglot Flexi Palette

So if your like myself and you love makeup and a good snoop then this post is for you!  I always get asked about my favourite Inglot shadows so I decided to share with you guys my Inglot Flexi Palette and all of the goodness it contains.
I am completely obsessed with my Inglot eye shadows.  Compared to some other single shadows the pricing is amazing and very budget friendly and the quality is up there with the best of them.
You also get a good amount of product for the pricing too I just wouldn't go past them!

The reason why I love my flexi palette is mainly because I love the fact that its fully customisable to my liking.  It not only holds eye shadows but it can hold pretty much all of there sculpting powders, finishing powders, highlighters, blushes etc. and that is exactly what I done.  I have my all time favourite blush and my go to hd sculpting powder for contouring in there too which you will find down below.

So without any further mumbles here is what you came for... :)

And that's a wrap!

Each shadow costs only €6.00!  So its easy to build up your collection.  You can but them in any Inglot store or order them online and if you spend over €60 delivery is free!  
Let me know what you thought of my palette and be sure to send on any of your recommendation for shadows I don't have so I can add them to my list!

Until next time,

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  1. inglot has no matching brand or competitor long way, this brand has quality cosmetics products almost in every store


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