Karora Self Tanning Mist ((Review))

So if you know me or follow me over on snapchat you will know that I just don't wear tan at all!  I used to wear it all the time but now I just don't have the patience to stand there and wait for it to dry.  I am gone so old I know but I just don't have 20 minutes out of my morning/night to stand around and make sure I don't streak.  Anyways I was lucky enough to receive the Karora Tanning Mist and the Karora Instant Tan and I was instantly intrigued by the mist as I had never tried one before.  I always stuck to what I knew when it came to buying tan so it was either a moose or a spray.


Over the last 2 weeks I've been using the tanning mist and I have to say I have absolutely falling in love with it and I honestly can't believe I haven't used it until now!
So what I did was I went for a shower and I exfoliated all over me body.  I wanted to make sure any dead skin was gone so that I would have a nice and even application.  I then waited an hour or two for my pores to close up as I didn't want them clogging from the tan.  (That was a great tip passed onto me from Emma over at Mastering Your Makeup!)
The bottle instructed I sprayed the mist onto my mitt but I just sprayed directly onto  my skin and simply applied it all over my body.  It does have a slight colour which I found great because it allowed to to see exactly where I was applying product leaving very little chance of streak marks. I did everywhere but my face! I personally don't like using tan on my face I just prefer to darken my foundation.

Drying Time

I was waiting for the faux tan smell to come true but it never did.  Infact it actually smelt quite citrus like and you know what the best part was?  It dried almost instantly, I kid you not!  I was absolutely dreading the thought of having to stand around, lets be honest here, in the nip with my arms out straight so I wouldn't rub off on my elbows or any of my creases.  Well can you imagine how shocked I was when I realised that the tan had dried.  My whole body was dry within 3-4 minutes and I was able to get dressed!  The full colour came up after a couple of hours.
It was so easy and quick to apply that I have been continually reapplying it after every shower I've had over the last two weeks.

How It Wore

So the tan itself lasted around 5 days until it began to streak and even survived some quick body showers too.  I found I did have to exfoliate after the 5 days to remove excess tan that didn't fade but I have to do this with all tans regardless.  As I said above it just gave the most beautiful and natural golden goddess look that one customer in work had even asked had I been away!  I mean need I say anymore?

Over All Thoughts

I tested the Light/medium shade which is the shade I would of bought myself anyways as I am very paled skin.  I like my tan to look natural rather then orange so this did just that.  I found it gave me a very even natural looking tan that would be perfect to wear all year round.
I can safely say I have been converted to Tanning Mists now after trying this one out which I highly recommend that you do.
Another thing I love about this tan is that it is infused with botanicals of Acai and Argan.  These ingredients do wonders for your skin and will keep your skin in top shape.  Also can we take a minute just to appreciate how beautifully packaged the tan is!!!
I give it a 10 out of 10 as I can't say anything bad about it.  I loved the look of the tan on, it lasted 5 days and came off easily in the shower!
I will 100% be repurchasing this tan.

The god awful before....

And the divine after...

Pricing And Wear To Buy

Karora Self Tanning Mist 100ml - €16.99
Karora Self Tanning Mist 200ml - €24.99

So you ca purchase the Karora Tan from Boots and Sam McCauleys here in Waterford City.  Cloud10 Beauty also stock this amazing tan online and of course you could just order straight of there website also. :)

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