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My Artistry Makeup Collection

I have been trying out this Artistry brand for the past couple of weeks and I am weak for it.  It is definitely on the more expensive side but if your looking to splurge out some spare penney's this week or your looking to add to your own makeup collection then take a look at these gems.

Artistry Exact Fit Foundation
Price - €48.95

I was sent this foundation by the lovely people over at Rachel Dalton Communications and when it first came it was near the end of winter and it was totally the wrong shade for me.  Once the warmer weather came in and I started to tan I was finally able to test it out.  
What I thought,,,
Its a completely weightless foundation when applied to the skin with a medium to full build-able coverage.  I loved how light weight it was which was why I found myself reaching for it in the warmer weather.  The foundation did not cake nor did it budge.  I used this foundation with and without a primer and to be honest I found a primer was not necessary for the foundation so that's something you may want to keep in mind if your trying to decide whether to splurge or not.  This foundation gets two thumbs up and I am already selecting shades to add to my professional makeup kit.

(Heres a picture of me wearing the foundation, you can see I have tan on that is why the shade suits)

Artistry Signature Colour Eye Shadow Quad 
Price - €40.90

Artistry Signature Colour Blush Bundle
Price - €37.75

Next up we have these two gorgeously packaged compacts.  One is a gorgeous blush in the shade 'Soft Rose' and the other is a limited edition eye shadow quad from there Pacific Lights Collection.
What I Thought..
So I will start of with the blush!  Just like the foundation it feels completely weightless on the skin.  This velvet touch blush is simply gorgeous and elegant.  It gives a sheer gloss finish to the cheeks and adds a natural flush of colour.  I'm not a fan of pink blush at all!  You won't find any in my makeup but this shade is almost a warm peachy rose colour.  Its simply stunning when applied.

I am an eyeshadow obsessive so when I received this quad in the post I beamed from ear to ear.  It includes 4 summer shades that will give you the freedom to create a gorgeous beach babe look.  So the shades can be used singularly for a more subtle look are all together for a bit more of an edgier look.  Its a mix of mega mattes and summery shimmers.  I have too say that my favourite shade is the torquise blue colour.  I have been adding it to the bottom lash line for a subtle pop of colour to any smokey eye.

Artistry Light Up Lip Glosses
Price - €21.00

Another part of Artistry's exciting Limited Edition Pacific Lights Collection is these gorgeous light up lip glosses.   These are very bold coloured glosses and aren't for the faint hearted.  What makes them unique to other glosses is that they come with there own LED lights and mirror along the side so you can apply your gloss on the go.  They are also peppermint flavoured to give a tatse of the sea breeze.  I have been applying the Orange Citrus shade over my nude lipstick to give a beachy shimmer appearance.

Artistry Signature Colour Sheer Lipstick 
Price - €27.55

So after being sent some of the Artistry products and being so impressed by them I decided to go out and try other products from there range.  I was on the hunt for a new lippy one that would be super hydrating on the lips as I have been wearing super mattes lately that have seriously dried out my lips.  (If you find your lips are dry, cracked and dehydrated you should try a sheer lipstick) The lipstick is formulated with a translucent base to allow the real colour of your lips shine true.  The lipstick adds a sheer cover of rose nude pink to the lips and glides on effortlessly.  This lipstick gets a 10/10 for me.  I am also obsessed with the casing of this lipstick.   It has a unique twist and click lid to ensure the lip doesn't pop of in your handbag.  Genius!!!

If you wish to explore the range further or get your hands on any of the above products you will find them all here.

Its safe to say I love this brand and I am going to continue to explore more products from them.

Until Next Time, 

Lisa x

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