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So Mulligans Pharmacy have only gone and opened up a pop up store here in Waterford where everything in it is heavily reduced.  I'm not kidding I spent €61 on makeup which if I normally spent that much I would be riddled with guilt however seeing how much value I actually got for my money I just couldn't complain!  I saved €256.75!  AIN'T THAT CRAZY! Anyways without any further ado I shall show you what I got we all know thats why your here.

- S H U    U E M U R A -

 I have to say this Shu Uemura Pink Loose Face Powder is one of the most exciting products I purchased.  I have been on the hunt for a loose powder like this one for the longest time but realised I wasn't going to pick one up in any local shop!  So when I seen this I did a double take.  What should of cost me €50 only cost me €5!  Yes you read that right €5!  I would have certainly grabbed a second one if there was one there for sure.  This was my biggest saving of the day too.

- 3 -

 The next brand I seen was this one called 3!  I've never heard of it before but was very intrigued as there was a group of girls huddled around it.  I eventually managed to make my way in through a gap and quickly grabbed the above products.  The first was a concealer in the lightest shade 1.  The tester felt creamy and the coverage looked full so I popped it into my basket the original price was €20 and it only cost €5!  Next up was this brow shadow.  Now when I first looked at it, it appeared to be my right shade however when I got home and swatched it I realised it was too light.  It won't go to waste however as I know it will make a perfect transition shade for any smokey eye.  Again this was €20 down to €5.  The last thing I got from this range was a lipstick.  I love myself a good nude so when I seen this lippy in the shade Cool Beige I knew I just had to have it.  Again it was €20 down to €5!

 - G O S H -

 Next brand that's up is Gosh.  Now I have to say I have always passed the Gosh stand off when I got makeup shopping, I'm not sure if it's the packaging or the way the brand is advertised but I don't ever gravitate towards it.  There was a stand in the shop so as I passed I decided to take a look.  Immediately my eyes rolled straight to the shadows.  I have a serious problem with eye shadows I am totally addicted! Anyways, I grabbed three gorgeous shades as you can see above they are Brown, Rose and Light Brown.  The Brown shade really reminded me of 'Diamond Dog' from Urban Decay.  It doesn't have as much glitter in it however the brown itself is almost identical so I grabbed that when I saw it.  All the shadows were €2 down from €8. Then I spotted a fab blush in the shade Rose Whisper.  As the name suggests there is a touch of pink to the blush but I would say its a more browny, peach.   Anyways whatever shade it is, it is certainly my colour gurl and I can't wait to try it on.  The blush was €4 down from €14.

- K A R D A S H I A N    B E A U T Y -

 Nest to the Gosh stand stood the Kardashian Beauty Stand.  Again this was never a brand that really interested me however I spotted the eye liner down to €1.95 from €6 so I got it.  You can never have enough liner!

C H A N T E C A I L E -

This is another brand I have never heard of but each product was wrapped so beautifully as you can see from above the lipsticks even came with there own tie up pouch!  Before I get ahead of myself I'll go back to the first picture which is a concealer.  It came in a gorgeous clear and silver cube.  Now there wasn't much product in the pot considering it originally cost €33 but when I tested it out it was highly pigmented and super creamy to blend.  I managed to bag another steal at just €5!  Next up are these two gorgeous lip pencils.  A girl can never have too many nudes!  I adore these two shades Discreet being my overall favourite.  Its the darker of the two and I am absolutely loving the ombre lip at the moment and this shade will be perfect for overdrawing the lips too.  There liners were €20 each reduced to, yup you guessed it just €5!  Now as I've mentioned already these lipsticks are on another level of beautiful.  The packaging alone makes me want to own a collection!  Which I'm sure at the crazy cheap price of €5 that can certainly be a reality!  I got two shades as you can see Mars which is a bright orange colour and Poppy a beautiful bright red.  These lippys were originally €20!

- O R G A N I C   G L A M -

The last but infact very first thing I put into my basket was this stunning Liquid Shimmer Highlighter.  This was €20 down to €5.  Again another serious bargain and I have to I absolutely love it.  I'm not a huge fan of liquid highlighters even though I like to be seen from space and beyond.  This product is from another brand I have never heard o called Organic Glam.  Its a gorgeous silver with a hint of gold shimmer.  I instantly fell in love once I saw it and I can assure you we will remain friends for many uses to come :)

This post was not sponsored by Mulligans and I purchased every product you have seen here myself!  As far as I'm aware the pop up shop will remain for another 5-6 weeks getting different products in weekly so it's definitely worth going out and grabbing some bargains while you can.  I know I will definitely be back out sooner rather then later!

Hope you guys enjoyed.  If you wish to see a review on any of the above products then just comment below :)

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