The Biggest Pregnancy Myths BUSTED!

Having been pregnant twice and spending 14 months of my life growing babies I decided to shed some light on a couple of Ireland's biggest pregnancy myths!


If you suffer with heartburn then your baby is going to have a head full of hair.

This my friends is F A L S E!
Trust me I'm talking from experience here.  I would be crippled with heartburn near the end of my pregnancy's.  It would get so uncomfortable.  Everyone used to tell me ohh its a hairy baby!  Both my boys were basically bald until they were about 7/8 months.  This one is totally not true!


Raising your hands above your head is super dangerous.

If this was the case then I would of spent the whole 9 months of being pregnant starving!  All our food is stored in kitchen cabinets that are mounted high above the worktops which is basic for most kitchens.  Now my mam would kill me if she saw me reaching for anything but this myth is simply not true guys!  Just don't be silly and try and balance on something to reach up and get something.   If you can't reach it ask someone else. 


You should only sleep on your left hand side.

Trust me once you have no complications in your pregnancy feel free to sleep any way you want.  I know how hard it can be to get comfortable when you heavily pregnant so whether it be on your right or left side or even upside down for that matter go for it!  Chances of you getting a decent nights sleep in the forsaking future are slim so at the very least you may aswell be comfortable!


Walking brings on labour.

Walking has many benefits but getting you kick started into labour isn't one of them.  While were on the subject either does spicy food.  If you think they will be my guest but trust me babys is not going to come until its ready!


Cocoa Butter prevents stretch marks.

While being tastily scented and soothing on the skin Cocoa Butter will not prevent you from getting stretch marks if anything it can make your skin more sensitive.  Try using a cream thats infused with vitamin E but trust me on this one.  There is no amount of oils, lotions or serums that are going too completely prevent you from getting stretch marks.  Your skin is being pulled and stretched in such a short amount of time that its almost impossible to avoid it.  Some women are lucky and there skin will bounce back without a mark but if your like me you will be left with stretch marks in places you never knew were possible!

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