Colourful Makeup Haul

So I have tried my very best to restrain myself from buying makeup but when you live 5/10 minutes away from the Mulligans Pop Up Discount Shop I just couldn't resist.  I was passing and decided to pop in.

Heres what I picked up..

Me Me Me.. Dew Pots
Price - €8.50
Mulligans Pop Up Shop €4.50

I'm not usually a cream shadow fan but I picked up a tester and swatched it and the pigmentation was literally insane.  There super cream and spread like butter so I super excited to give them a try.

3 Custom Colour Lipsticks
Price €20.00
Mulligans Pop Up Shop €2.50

I already purchased one of these lipsticks a while back in the shade 'Cool Beige' and I am obsessed so I decided to go back and check out what other shades they had.  I went with a bright orange and burgundy shade.  

3 Custom Colour Eye Liners
Price - €20.00
Mulligans Pop Up Shop €2.50

What caught my eye first was the navy liner.  I thought it would be nice to add to a blue smokey eye instead of using black all the time or if I'm just looking for a simple pop of colour coloured liners are a great way to do that!  I was about to walk away and I spotted the tester of the 'Clarifier' liner and it instantly reminded me of Urban Decays 'Walk of Shame Liner'.  Now it is not as creamy as the UD one but it is very similar in colour I would almost go as far as saying its identical!

The Mulligans Pop up shop has all sorts of stuff from makeup. perfume, extensions to baby stuff etc. at heavily discounted prices.  Its totally worth a pop out for a look especially if your like me and enjoy a bargain.

*** DISCLAIMER - I was not paid to write this post nor was I given the products I just love myself a good bargain and thought I would share it with you guys.

Until Next Time, 

Lisa x

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