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Hey Guys,

I haven't really done a chatty post in a while so said I would just sit down and write.  There is no real structure to this post I just wanted to jump on and bring you guys update.

I can't even remember the last I done a post like this so that will tell you how longs it's been.  Let's start off with the family first and by family I mean the boys!  Oh god, how fast the time is going can you believe Dylan will be 1 in 2 weeks time and Cai, well last week we went shopping for Cai's first uniform.  I just can't believe it.  My baby's are growing so fast its scaring me a little bit.  Like I feel if I blink for too long I will miss an important milestone so trust me when I say I'm savoring every sweet moment I have with these guys.

So as I said Dylan will be turning 1 soon so planing and prepping are well and truly on for his little birthday bash.  We are going with a Mickey Mouse theme as he is loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the moment.  Hopefully the weathers nice so we can have a nice family bbq and just celebrate whats going to be a very special day with family and close friends.
And as for Cai he will be starting Preschool in September I just can't believe it.  I mean he's more then ready I just still feel like I want to keep him at home with me forever.  On the other-hand I can't wait to see how he thrives in school and watch him make friends.


As for me I've been up to my eyes planning Dylans birthday and The Deise Bloggers End of Summer Tea party.  I honestly can't wait to see all our hard work.  I am currently planning this event with Rachael for Rachsboutique and Jodi from Jodi Roche Makeup.  I can't quite believe how epic it's going to be were just nailing down the last few odds and ends as its going to be this Sunday.  Of course I will have a full blog post on the event and I'll be vlogging and snap chatting the whole thing to so be sure to make sure your following me (@CuddleNContour) :)

Everything in life is good at the moment it's not until I sit down at times like these where I get to reflect on life and everything in between.  I'm happy some may say it's the happiest I've ever been.  I still have bad days and horrible days but there are good days and even great and unforgettable days. It's hard to find balance and the thing I'm struggling with most is organisation.  I useless and I'm forever writing things down and loosing or forgetting where I wrote it down all together.  So today I purchased me very first proper planner.  I am seriously so excited about this planner, oh god that makes me sound really adulty doesn't it!  *Throws head into hands*  I've always had a massive obsession with diary's and notebooks and stationary was always my thing and the older I grew the obsession grew with me.  The planner I ordered is a Agenda and I got it off My Shining Armour.  I will leave a link below to the Planners they are all beautiful!  (Once it comes I will do a little post on it)

So I think that's you guys up to date pretty much.  Let me know if you enjoy these type of posts and I'll be sure to do them more often!

Lisa x

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