Artdeco Most Wanted Contour Palette (Review)

The lovely Lauren who is the manager of Artdeco Waterford was very kind to give us these amazing goodies for our goodie bags at the Deise Blogger Event.  I was gob smacked to when I first seen the goodie bags Artdeco provided.  Not only did they supply us with palettes but we all got an All in One mascara mini and two samples of the Rich Treatment foundation which is amazing by the way if you follow my tutorials on snapchat you will see me using and loving my Artdeco foundation.

I have been trying and testing this palette for about a week now so here are my thoughts.

Upon first looks the palette was Ultra Slim and super light.  The palette itself looks very catchy and appealing and I just know that if I had of seen this in the shop I would have totally caught my eye. 
The palette has 6 pans, 3 contour shades, 1 highlight, 1 blush and 1 Strobe powder.  The names of the actual powders let you know where on the face the powders are to be placed which is great for anyone who is new to contouring and wanting to give it a try.  Another thing I have to mention was I was so surprised at how big the pan sizes actually were, they are massive.  It also contains a mirror which I feel every good palette should so this was definitely a winner for me right off the bat before I even tried the palette. I have to say when compared to the So Su contouring palette you get alot more bang for your buck.  The palette itself is not out in shops to buy until September but it will retail for around €37 and in my opinion worth every penney.

So here's an up close and personal look at the shades aren't they just something else and yes I did use the palette before taking pictures because I simply could not wait to use it, haha.  The palette comes in two tones Cool and Warm and I got the Cool toned one which is probably the one I would have went for if I was buying but I will definitely be picking up the warm palette as soon as there out just so I can have both.
All 6 shades are super soft and creamy textures which makes them super blendable when applied to the skin.  It allows precise application of the product however you are left with no dark unblendable lines or smudges.

Shade 1 is the highlight shade which I have been using to set my under eye concealer to lift and brighten up the area.  I also use it to set my t-zone because if I don't my makeup won't last until the end of the day.  

Shade 2 is the blush.  Its a gorgeous matte peachy shade and gives a natural flush of colour when applied to the apples of the cheekbones.   

Shade 3 is then the amazing strobe powder.  For those of you who don't know what a strobe powder is, well its basically highlighter just another name for it.  You apply it exactly where you would apply your highlight.  On the high points of the face, the cupids bow and the tops of the cheekbones.  I was extremely impressed by how pigmented this one was because it gives such an intensive glow.  Its buildable so it can be very natural but when built up my, my you will glow like a mirror in the sun!

Shades 4. 5 and 6 are all you Contour shades and are named from 1-3.  They go from light, medium to dark and are the perfect colour gradients to create the most subtle contour to full out drag.  

The palette is so versatile as you could easily use this on the eyes too.  Making it an all in one easy to use palette for those people in the morning you don't have to much time on their hands.  The strobing powder could be used under the brow bone and on the inner corner to create some highlight and brighten the eye instantly.  Then use the highlight shade all over the lid as your base and then using the blush go straight in and blend it through your crease.  Use any of the contour shades on the outer v to add some dept to the look smoke it down under neath the bottom lash line.  BOOM your contour and shadow done all in one. 

For me this palette is a must have for any makeup obsessive, mua or anyone looking to dab there hand into the world of contouring.  Trust me its a life changer.  

Here is a link to the Artdeco Waterfords Instagram.  Keep an eye on that for a release date.
And be sure to follow the hashtag #MostWantedContour for more looks with this palette.

Here is a picture of myself after using the contouring palette!


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