A Mother Without A Child...

Okay so while I was scrolling through facebook today I came across a video from a Facebook page called 'A Mother Without A Child'  linked to it was a video posted by that page.
I don't normally watch videos much on facebook but there was something about this video I felt drawn to it in a weird way.

You could tell from the moment you pressed play that the women in the video had been crying.  It was one of them videos of the person doesnt speak but they have everything wrote on cards.  I began watching and this women introduced her gorgeous baby boy called William then she announced that she was expecting Williams new sibling however they were never to meet.  
As you find out in the video William sadly passed away from Sepsis!   Have you ever heard of it?  No? Me either.  This brave women went on to share Williams story and some very scary facts about Sepsis in the UK.  Sepsis is not rare.  Sepsis is actually the bodies response to infection.  It injures its own tissues and organs and it can lead to shock, multiple organ failures and death.

I was absolutely heartbroken and by the end I was watching with a very heavy heart.  At the end she asked people to share Williams story in hopes that awareness is raised for September is Sepsis awareness month.  After watching that video I feel like writing this post and hopfully making people aware of Sepsis is the very least I could do.  
Here are some, to be quite frank, scary facts about Sepsis and why everyone should be aware of it.

  • Sepsis is a common time dependent medical emergency.  It can affect anyone of any age from any social background it does not discriminate.
  • It is the leading cause of death from infection worldwide.
  • Sepsis can be caused from Urinary Tract Infections, Skin Infections like cellulitis, Pneumonia and appendicitis to name only a few.
  • In the developing world Sepsis is accountable for 60-80% of lives lost each year.  Can we just stop for a second and take that in.  This is one fact that shocked me to the core.  With such high and devastating fatality rates in the world why do so little people no about Sepsis its mind boggling.  
  • International consensus studies show that there are approx. 300 cases per 100'000 population per annum.
I guess because I am a mam I found this video gut wrenching and all I could do was sob along.  You could see the pain in her eyes throughout the video,  I mean come on no mam should ever go through the loss of a child its not how its supposed to work.  

I hope by writing this post today and sharing it with you guys that we can raise awareness to this truly devastating condition.  All I ask is that you share this post on facebook or on twitter so that we can spread the word.  I will also leave a link to the facebook page if you wish to pop over and support also you will find the video that I am talking about.

Together we can raise awareness and hopefully safe lives, this one is for William!

Lisa x

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