A week in the life of me...

Welcome to my new weekly blog series.  Last week has been nothing short of emotional.  Let me jump right in here.  My little Caibear started pre-school.  I'm sure I'm speaking for every first time mom here whos just watched there BABY head off for their there big new adventure that I'm a basket case of emotion.  I'm happy, excited, scared, sad and bursting with pride all in one.   Did I mention I may be emotional?

It's hard to explain the millions of thoughts that were running through my mind as he left go of my hand in that classroom.  Time appeared to have stopped as if everything around me slowed down.  I got a little flashback to the night I first had him.  It was just me and him laying in a corner bed of the hospital, it must of been around 1 or 2 in the morning.  I remember him yawning and shifting his body from side to side, I watched as he reached out to me and he got me.  In that moment he had me...  Suddenly I was back in the room and 3 and a half years had passed.
I used to laugh at people when I would meet them in passing and they would say jesus enjoy every moment because he will be off to school before you know it but its so true.  Poor Dylan doesn't stand a chance now as I know how quickly time does pass so every moment will be extra savored! The poor wee fella won't be able to tumble for the first time without me yelping for joy or hurdling for a camera!
Cailan is absolutely loving preschool though.  He is coming home every day telling us little stories of games they played and pictures he coloured.  He is so genuinely happy when hes talking about it lets hope this enthusiasm stays throughout the years!  He thinks he is such a big boy having to wear a uniform and have a school.  I have to say I am not shocked one bit of how quick he has settled into school.  He was more then ready to start mixing with other kids his age.

In other updates Dylan has started walking.  I can't tell you how much of a divil this guy is. He tried to walk before he could crawl, stand before he could sit and now that hes just found his feet he is now climbing mountains.  There is not one bit of fear in him.  He is such a happy baby.  I mean it, he has nothing but smiles for everyone.   I feel like the past year has been a blur Dylan is already walking like can you believe that.  Before I know it I will be walking him in through those school gates!

Dare I say it but I have already started my Christmas planning and lists.  I know to some I may sound crazy but I have two kids and two big family's to buy for so I need to get my budget down and my affairs in order.  We are fastly rolling into my favourite time of year.  For example I am currently this post in bed with a hot chocolate in hand, candle lighting beside the bed and in my fluffly pjamas.  Come on you just cant get this sense of relaxation in the summer time!

Our car is due is its NCT again soon if you've been following me a while you will know last year it took a few attempts to get it through but it finally made it!  Heres hoping this timea round goes a little smoother.  Although we have our hopes set on a new motor we will just have to wait and see what happens.

So that's pretty much what we've been the past week or so.  I will be back soon with another for you!

Lisa x

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