Glove Your Body - The Mitt That Fits Like A Glove

I feel like theres so many tanning products and accessories out there that its hard to know which ones are good and will work and which ones are just a no. I came across this brand a year ago at our first Deise Blogger event and I have falling in love ever since.

In our goodies bags Glove you Body where kind enough to supply A Glove you body Mitt (€14.99), A Scrub Your Body exfoliating mitt (€9.99) and a Dual Face Cleansing and Exfoliation Pad (€9.99). All three can be bought online on there website for only €24.99 which means you get one product free.  Such amazing value! You can also buy these instore at Mulligans Pharmacy.

Firstly lets talk about the Tanning application mitt.  Not only is it nicely designed in leopard print it is also super thick, light weight and yup you guessed it fits just like a glove!  Its a the dream mitt when it comes to applying any sort of tan whether it be a mist, instant or mousse this mitt does it all.
The mitt itself is unique to others as it has finger sockets inside the mitt to help the mitt stay in place upon tan application.  I found this a unique feature of this mitt as I had never come across this in another mitt before.  It will leave you with a streak free application every time and you know what the best part is it will not stain your hands.  I don't know how many times I've gone to Penneys and picked up a cheap tanning mitt and I was always left with orange hands.  Trust me its not a look you want to be rocking!  The mitt is re-usable and washes very well in the machine.  However make sure you don't add it to the whites wash!
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Moving onto the body exfoliating mitt I have become obsessed with exfoliation after learning the importance of doing it.  It is so important to remember to add exfoliation into your weekly skincare routine  as it is vital to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the body.  It will also help remover any tan stains on the skin.  It only takes a few minutes and it will leave your skin feeling and looking healthy, smooth and radiant.
The benefits of using this mitt before you apply tan are it will lessen the possibility of your tan becoming streaky.  It will also remove dead skin cells and leave your pores more open and clean.
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And last but certainly not least is the dual cleansing pad which was completely new to me.  I had never heard of anything like this product before let alone use one.  So as you can imagine I was very excited to give tihs one a try.  It has two sides to allow you to exfoliate and cleanse without having to use wipes, face cloths or cotton pads.
The cleansing pad is made of top quality muslin cloth something I am very familiar with as a mammy as muslin cloths are typically used to burp newborns.  The cleansing beauty tool removes traces of makeup, oil and dirt from the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.  The pad itself can be used with any sort of cleanser so whatever your choice of cleanser is you can just use it with that.  I tried mine using the Garnier Micellar Water and Shiseidos Cleansing Milk and I've loved the results using both so whether its high end or budget friendly the glove will work the same.
To use the pad all you have to do s rinse it under hot water, apply your cleanser to your face and away you go.  It really is that simply.

I have to say I have been super impressed by The Glove Your Body Range and because of these products my skin has been looking the most smooth and radiant it has in years.

If you want to check out the products you can CLICK HERE to go straight to the website or pop into your nearest Mulligans Pharmacy.


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