My Journey with LighterLife

Hey Guys,

So I decided to blog about my experience with lighterlife for a couple of reasons.  One was because when I actually googled it there is not many first person accounts of people who have tried it and the other was because I thought it would be interesting to document my experience with a new weightloss journey.

I want to be nothing but honest with these posts as I know there are so many people out there that are trying to lose weight and trying to find the right plan that would suit them.

So what is Lighterlife?

''We combine effective, nutritious plans to help you quickly reach the weight you want, with ground breaking counselling techniques so you can change how you think about food, develop a much healthier approach to eating (and life in general) and live the life you want.'' 
(Taking from the Lighterlife website

For me Lighterlife is a fast way to shed some weight.  Its not necessarily the easiest way because you do need to be motivated and willing to lose weight.  Its not like you just going to eat a magic food pack and boom the weight is gone.
There are 4 different plans so there is one to suit all.  So if you only have a few stubborn pounds or you have that bit more to lose theres a plan for you.  Meeting with a lighter life consultant will help you choose the right plan for you.

Whats involved?

So when you sign up, I am signing on to do this for a month, then you will have your first weigh in and receive your food packs.  I am doing the Total weight loss program.  This program is for anyone looking to lose a stone or more.  Signing up to do a month should see a stone gone within your first month due to the plan that you will be on.  
So I will be replacing all my conventional food with 4 food packs.  Withing these packs I will be getting all of the nutrients I need on a daily basis.  It is essentially a detox for the body.  Its recommended that your drink 2-3 litres of water while on this plan, which is something you should be doing anyways.  
You also work closely with a lighterlife counselor to help you change your approach to food so that when you have lost your desired weight and when your back eating conventional food your relationship with it will have completely changed.  

Why have I choose Lighterlife?

So I actually tried Lighterlife early last year and didn't even give it a chance. I didn't even complete a full day.  I was not mentally ready and I lacked all motivation to lose it.  I went to the weigh in and I bought my food packs thinking I was ready came home had one food pack and by the time dinner came around I was sitting around the table with the family eating.  
Louise one of the girls that run the group here in Waterford has been watching my snapchat for a long time and has seen my struggle to lose weight.  Having done lighterlife herself and losing 5 stone she knew the benefits of it and approached me again saying she would love to work with me again as she really felt strongly that this would help,  Louise and Ann have kindly offered me a free months membership to see how I get on,  

The Food Packs!

Depending on the plan you are on will determine the amount of packs you get per day.  For me I am replacing all meals so I get 4 a day.  
So for breakfast you can either a cereal bar, shake or porridge.(I don't have any pictures of the shakes as I didn't opt for any this week but I will includes pictures in my next post. Also I don't have all options I'm simply sharing the ones I picked)

For lunch you can have either a bar, shake or soup.

For dinner there is a selection to choose from so far I've only tried The Three Cheese pasta and it was actually surprisingly good.  Two of my biggest weaknesses are pasta and cheese so I can see this being a stern favourite.

For a snack then you could choose from either chocolate bars or this Chocolate Mug Cake.

The way I have chosen to do my food packs is have my breakfast, lunch, dinner and then a snack.  You could if you wanted leave your dinner and just have a snack between your lunch and dinner whatever would suit you best.  I tried to keep everything as normal.  I love to sit down with a treat at night so having a bar or a chocolate mug cake is perfect!

I have no idea how I am going to get on.  I've heard and seen some amazing transformations so my hopes are high.  Of course I know it mostly comes down to me.  Its important I eat 4 times a day and stick to the food packs provided. I will be documented weekly on my progress along with the highs and lows so you can follow my journey and see if this is something that you might be interested in trying.  Below I will also include Louise and Ann's numbers so that you can maybe get in contact with them yourself to find out more and maybe to a consultation.  Also if you do want join just use my name and you will receive 10%!

So heres to working hard for the next 4 weeks... I CAN DO THIS!

Contact numbers the Waterford LighterLife Group
Anne Cooper - 0860280280
Louise Dunphy - 0863275083

Until next time,

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  1. It'll be interesting to follow your journey, like you said, there aren't many stories out there of people on the plan. Good luck with it all xxx!

    1. Well I'm glad you find it interesting hun! I have just posted and update post if you want to check it out! xxx


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