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Lets face it who doesn't like seeing what in peoples makeup bag?  When any of my friends take out there makeup bag I love going through them  seeing what products their using and seeing if I can spot any new products I could go and try.  So with saying that I'm going to be doing this type of post maybe every  month and showing you guys whats new to my makeup bag.

So firstly I'm going to show you my new makeup bag.  Its from Benefit and you actually get it free when you get your makeup done in January (while stock lasts).  I like it because its a good size for all products and brushes whatever I might need to bring with me that day.

So to start off with the products this first one is from Wet 'n' Wild and its one of there bronzers in the shade 'Reserve Your Cabana'.  Okay so as you can see from the picture it is certainly not your typical bronzer shade and to be fair it does look more like a highlight.  I picked this one up as I heard Diane Everett rave about it as one of her beauty budget favourites.  The pan size almost double an average size pan so maybe not so gracious for travelling.  I have been using this two ways, firstly as a very subtle highlight typically for daytime and also as a setting powder.  When you see it first it looks slightly glittery but when applied its actually almost semi-matte in appearance.  The product itself is creamy and easy to work with.
Now this is not going to be a highlight thats going to get you seen from space however sometimes a highlight that strong is just not appropriate (boo) but what it will do is create a natural glow to the skin giving an almost natural radiance.  I have to say so far I'm very impressed with this one so far and it was only around €5.

Another newbie to my collection is an Essence mascara.  Essence for me does the best budget friendly mascaras you can buy.  They all average between €3-€4 and everyone I have ever picked up has really impressed me.  So when I seen a new mascara on the stand I had to pick it up.  Now this one claims to give you unlimited dramatic volume resulting in a false lash effect.  Again it super impressed me.  While I've still yet to find the perfect mascara which actually gives me that false lash effect this mascara for every day use is perfect.  Two coats of this is more then enough I found anything after that the lashes tended to clump so two coats and your good to go.

Next up is a MAC lipstick. I am one of them late comers to the mac lip game but oh my god I am seriously obsessed!!  I was up picking up a replacement for my all time favourite lipstick in the world which is 'Stone' where I stupidly brought out on a night out and lost it but anyways when I was in MAC another beautiful grey toned lipstick caught  my eye called 'Really Me'.  I mean I don't need to sit here and try to convenience you that these lipstick are good because we all know they are great but what I will tell you is this is a matte finish and if you pair it with MAC's 'Whirl' liner then you will have you very own pair of Kylie Jenner lips.  (You can see both paired in the picture below)

While on the topic of lip products this next one is completely new to me.  I was in Cork after Christmas and I just so happened to pass the Hairspray shop so I decided to pop in and see if I could get my hands on any of their Candy Matte Liquid Lips.  Alot of the popular shades were sold out however I did manage to get my hands on the shade 'Brownie' which was at the very top of my wishlist anyways so I was very thrilled about that.  Its a gorgeous chocolate brownie colour so the name is very apt.  Its such a comfortable wearing matte however after eating/drinking etc. its does wear off which for €5 I was expecting anyways but once its left to its own demise its doesn't budge.  After I had lunch I ate I topped off and it was perfect until I was ready to take it off that night.  You can order these liquid lipsticks online or in any hairspray outlets.

Last but certainly not least is this new Isadora foundation.  Its called the Cover Up Foundation & Concealer all in one.  Okay so I'm not normally a lover of duo products simply because they don't ever really work but this one took me by surprise.  I was sent this along with the press release in December wasn't to think much of it until I tried it.  Now if you know me at all you will know I LOVE myself some full coverage foundation and my hopes were not high but boy was I wrong.  Its full coverage but weightless, despite the fact its full coverage its moisturising on the skin so a great one for anyone with dry skin, its not a matte finish which I have to say I like in a foundation because you then have the option to set it matte if you wish or keep it satin/dewy.  I have been a raving lunatic on snapchat urging people to try this foundation out and I'm urging you to do the same!

Ands thats a wrap!

Now that January is here to help catch up after Christmas I have tried to put myself on a spending ban...  Lets see how long this lasts!

Until next time,

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