12lbs in 20 Days!!!

I am now going into my last week on Lighterlife and I just wanted to check in quickly and let you know how I got on on my third week.  So first off I lost 2 lbs this week that brings my total up to 12lbs in 20 days!  I genuinely can't believe it I am now only 2lbs away from where I set my goal 20 days ago! 

I have found it particular hard to stick to it this week as it was Cailans birthday and we had a party and all that jazz!  So even though I did go off I didn't let it affect me and I carried on.  If I had of let what I had eaten affect me I would of spiraled completely out of control.  I am so close to my goal now I am going to try and do everything I can do reach it!

One thing I have noticed since starting this is how my thought around food has changed.  Like before I ate whatever I wanted and didn't think about the consequence of eating it.  Now when I do go off plan I know its wrong and I try to make up for it!  

Once I'm done doing Lighterlife I am going to be doing a full and honest recap of my months journey with them!  I have 5 days left on plan and I ma going to give them everything! Heres hoping I can reach my goal of 1 stone lighter in 1 month.

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