MUST HAVE Makeup Brushes From Blank Canvas Cosmetics

So as you know the beauty show is just around the corner and I wanted to make life that little bit easier for you when you reach what will be one of the busiest counters at the show.  Once you've made your way through the crowds at the Blank Canvas Stand here are my top picks you simply need to pick up!  I was planing on doing my top10 but I really struggled so I made a top12 instead! So get the pen and paper out now and start creating your list!

So I will start off with the face brushes and work my way down to the eye brushes!

The F12

Price - €7.99

The wonder brush as I call it because its like a magic wand.  A couple of circular motions and bubbye dark circles!  This is a multi use brush as its a flat angled brush it can be used for either the eyes or face.  I predominantly use it for the face however using it to blend concealer or foundation.  Its a great one for makeup artists to have in the kit as it can be used for everything!  Its apart of their new dimension series with the copper top and black handle!

The F15

 Price - €14.99

So the F15 is there small contour and highlight brush.  It come with either black bristles which is the one I own or you can get the red bristled one too.  Its a small pointed brush which I love and I mainly use it for setting the concealer under my eyes as it gets right into the inner corner.  I also use it from time to time to apply my highlight too.  Again this is a great multi use brush that would work well with both powders and cream.

The F34

Price - €14.99

I am one of those makeup advocates who swears by setting there foundation.  You don't need to be caked in powder just lightly pressing it into your sin will do the job and I don't use any other brush apart from one of these baby's!  I have 2 of these so that I'm never without and I plan to grab another one at the beauty show too!

The F01

Price - €15.99

Okay trust me on this when I say you need a F01 in your life right now.  You have not experienced a flawless foundation application unless you have used one of these bad boys!  Its a large dense foundation brush which will have your foundation on in seconds.  I apply the foundation to my hand first dip the brush in and apply small dots of foundation in random places throughout my face.  Then working from the centre of my face out I blend.  Its as simple as that!  This is another brush I will be stocking up on!

The F22

Price - €14.99

This is a dome shaped dense face brush that I found works best with either cream or liquid products.  For me its a like a mini version of the F01 but gives you a bit mire control as the brush is smaller.  I use this whenever I'm using cream contour products.  Its my got to to bland out those sharp crisp contoured lines.

The F08

Price - €14.99

This is another great all rounder brush as its suited for all areas of the face and products too.  Its works great with both liquids and powders.  I find myself using this mostly for blending my bronzer and contour together so that I don't end up with any harsh lines.  

The F31

Price - €14.99

Okay so this is the targeted contour brush.  If you have not used this brush too apply your cream or powdered contour then I have no idea how your managing!  Honestly this brush literally does the work for you!  Simply apply the brush into the product your using start from the centre of the ear and draw your line down to about half way from your ear to mouth and thats it.  Your contour is on!  Blend upwards, always remember to blend upwards with your contour.  You don't want to be dragging your face down!

The F41

Price - €14.99

This is the flat tapered blush and contour brush.  I absolutely love this brush for baking and applying highlight!  Its great for baking underneath the eyes or under the cheek bones as the flat tapered bristles allows you to pack on powder with ease.  Because the brush small and feathery I also find it amazing for apply highlight to the tops of the cheekbones.

The E25

Price - €7.99

Add this to the top of your list!  If you only purchase one brush at the beauty show let it be this one.  I can not stress enough the importance of great tools.  As they say a workman is only as good as its tools!  I always get asked how I create the perfect blend in my shadow well theres no secret trick,its down to this brush.  I swear by this shadow brush and I have literally about 5 or 6 of these!  Its an absolute steal at €7.99 and to think that these will be discounted at the show too makes my heart very happy.  
- Remember when creating the perfect smokey eye its important to have two of these one that you will be applying shadow with and the other completely clean so that you can blend it out or blend all the colours together.

The E01

Price - € 7.99

Again this is another must have brush!  Its a smaller version of the E25 so it works best with darker shadows.  Remeber the darker the shadow the smaller the brush so this will be your saving grace for those dark purples, blues, browns and blacks.  I also love blending out concealer under the eyes with this brush sometimes you just need a smaller blending brush and on those occasions I choose this one.  For me this is the sister brush of the E25 you can't buy one without the other!

The E38

Price - €7.99

Brows can be tricky, we all know this.  Brow trends seem to change quicker then the weather these days but its important to remember no matter what style brow you want to achieve you will need the proper tool for the job!  I have about 4 of these brushes 3 for my kit and 1 for myself.  I honestly can vouch for this brush as being one of the best brow brushes I have ever used.  It works great with both powders and gels too!  It gives me complete control with doing a lot of work.  It can create soft bushy natural brows or thick bold brows no matter what style I'm going for its easily achieved.  Again for the price of these brushes there an absolute steal!

The E28

Price - €6.99

And last but certainly not least is this eyeliner brush.  Everyone needs at least one eyeliner brush in their collection.  I use mine along with my Inglot blank liner gel no.77 and these two work like a dream together!  It can create the sharpest wing or glide easily across my waterline!

And thats a wrap!  I could of added tones more but these are my top picks, the must haves this year you need in your life!  Let me know if any of ye have tried Blank Canvas Brushes and if so what are your favourites?

If you want to check out more from Blank Cnavas before the Beauty Show check out their online store HERE

SIDENOTE :  When your at the stand pick yourself up some of their brush and sponge cleansing soap aswell as their Master Series One Palette!  Just trust me on this one!!

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