Niamh Cleary Masterclass/Waterford Health Park Pharmacy Haul

Hey Guys,

I recently attended an amazing Masterclass in the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy where the very talented Niamh Cleary done a beautiful blown out smokey eye look on another one of Waterfords very talented MUAS Lucy Bradley.

Niamh doing what she does best!

The finished look on the beautiful Lucy.

Myself & Herself!

Here I am with two of my favs!  Its always so nice to see other bloggers and catch up at events like these! 
(Sarah from Beauty And The Masseuse and Lyanne from Beauty And The Brunette)

This was the look I went with for the Masterclass!  Let me know if you want product details or a tutorial :)

So now onto the fun stuff!  The beauty haul from the night.  I did go a little crazy but seeing as it was payday I decided to treat myself to a few goodies.

 I picked up these Gel Eye Patches after spotting them on The Health Parks Snapchat!  They had two types one for Dark Circles and the other for Puffy Tired eyes.  I decided  to get both because I needed both, haha.  They are only €1.50 so perfect for a cheap pamper girly night in!  I can't wait to give these a go!

So this was definitely an impulse buy, two of the girls we're talking about it and I picked one up!  Again this one isn't going to brake the bank at only €2.50 its worth a try.  Its a Mud exfoliator which claims to unclog pores, clears dead skin and it also claims to help the renewal of skin for a radiant complexion. 

I love liquid concealers!  This one in particular caught my eye a few times and I kept meaning to pick it up but never did.  I decided to go for the lightest shade to really brighten up underneath my eye area!  Some of my favourite concealers are drugstore so I have high hopes for this one!  This Catrice concealer was only around €3/€4.  To be fair Catrice have some amazing budget friendly products.  They do an amazing eye shadow primer base too!

This purchase was influenced by the beautiful Fabsy!  If your not following her on snapchat yet your missing out!  This girls talents knows no bounds so when I saw her rave about this highlighter I knew it must be good!  Now did I need a new highlighter?  Absolutely not but I had to have it, at around €4 I couldn't just leave it there!  I'm so, so excited to try this one out and again its by Catrice!

Flormar was the brand Niamh decided to use most of at the masterclass!  Now although this was not the foundation she used I decided to go with this one as it has a more full coverage finish.  For me personally I prefer a full coverage foundation.  I'm excited to try this as I haven't tried anything from this brand yet but I've heard amazing things!  This was around €10/€11 so it won't brake the bank!

I know, I know another foundation but this one was only €7.50 and according to Sarah there has been great reviews of this foundation.  Again its a full coverage foundation so its right down my alley.  I got it in the darkest shade so that I would be able to wear it with tan!  Now it claims to last a whole 24 hours?  I guess I will be putting that to the test because dam, that is a pretty big claim!

And that's a wrap!  

Hope you enjoyed my haul, if there is any products here that you would like reviewed let me know!  All products listed in this post can be got at The Waterford Health Park Pharmacy :)

Until next time,

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