Open Letter To My Last Born, Dylan!

Hello my little Dylo,

I wrote one of these not to long ago for your brother while you were growing bigger every day in my belly.  I longed to meet you, this baby that was sending my ribs trough my chest and causing heartburn on the daily!  I should of known from there that my hands would be full! 
On the 12th of August you came into this world calmly like you knew what you were doing!  I was blinded by a barrier of tears and as they carried you closer they fell to my cheeks and I finally got my first little peek at you!  You were pink and squirmy but you reached out to me with your little hand and placed it on my face, like you knew I needed reassurance as I was being sewed up from second c-section.  Right then a rush of calm over came my body and I just knew everything would be okay!
I was falling in love all over again and this time it was with you!

I spent my whole first night with you holding you as close to my heart as possible where you laid your beautiful little head and slept peacefully as it played a special little beat just for you.  I knew you we're going to be the last baby I would ever hold for the first time so I didn't want to leave you go!  I lay snuggled underneath you as I admired your little puckered lips and watched your little nose flair ever so lightly as you breathed in and out!  I held your hand as I counted ten perfect little fingers and kissed every inch of your hand as  I knew one day I would be holding it as you took your first step, high fiving it as you score your first goal and one day watch you wave it goodbye as you make your first big steps into this world and move out.

If there was one thing I learned form raising your brother its just how fast time goes by, how quickly you will grow and how important it is to live in the moment and cherish every second we spend with you! It only feels like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital as a first time mom and now as I'm sitting here writin,g you are now 1 and your brother is 3!  How in the world did that happen?

I thought since I had one of you boys before I would have the one up this time but oh how wrong I was.  You my sweat boy are so full of life, fun and energy and you have it in abundance,  You keep me on my toes from the second you wake to the moment you fall asleep.  You have the cutest little face and everyone is always quick to comment on that cheeky smile of yours.  One look is all it takes and whatever mischief it was that you were up to is forgiven!  Your going to get away with murder as you get older and I can tell brake a few hearts along the way with those sparkling eyes.

You may not have been the first but your are my last and with that comes longer cuddles before bed and keeping you in onsies until they no longer make them in your size!

You may not have been my first but you will always be the last...

Baby I burped,Nappy I changed,Nose I cleaned,Baby I bathed,Hand I held,Toes I kissed,Baby I read endless stories too,Person I thought to roll, crawl and walk.You will be the last to look at me in awe when I make chocolate appear from your ear,
The list really goes on my love, you will always be my last and with that comes a very special place in my heart.
You my beautiful blue eye baby boy!

I sometimes wonder how the hell I was so lucky to be blessed with such a sweat, caring and lovable boy like you.  You definitely have your daddys sense of humour always joking around and playing tricks on your brother.  You already at 1 years of age have myself and both your daddy and brother wrapped around your little finger.  Especially your Daddy!  You are without a doubt a daddys boy and with him you share the most amazing memories.  My heart bursts with love as I watch you ask your daddy to dance, place your hand out for his and wrap your other around his neck.  You then place your  little cheek upon his and dance around the kitchen like no one is watching!

Nothing makes me happier then watching you and your brother play together!  The devilment that you too get up to is on another level but it is all good hearted fun.  I watch as you take turns and share and give each other cuddles for no other reason then just to show your love for one another and those are the days my heart is at is fullest!  I hope that you continue to love and support each other as you grow as brothers and best friends too!

I can't wait to watch you grow into the incredible man I know you are going to be however I am in no such rush to see that yet!  For now I want to cherish all the cuddles and tantrums you throw my way.  I have so many hope and dreams for you but ultimately I am here to help you nourish and grow yours.  I will be by your your side everyday and just know that I am always going to love and support everything you do. You my sweat boy are something special.  I can't put my finger on it I just know you are destined for great things.  

Dylan I love you more then you will ever know and thank you for being my last.


Until next time,

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  1. Lisa, this is a beautiful post, well-written and really shows the love you have for both your boys. I'm sure he'll read it himself, with pride, when he's older.

    I'll be keeping my eye out for future content!


    1. Hi Patrick,
      Thank you very much. I hope he does :) I love to capture the moment and the feeling you experience within them moments! They won't be small forever!


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