Petit Cheri Summer Clothes Haul (Kids Edition)

I don't know about you?  But my kids seem to grow every second! Maybe its just a boy thing but I am constantly picking up new tshirts and tracksuits to tie them over.  With summer quickly approaching There is just know way I could pick up two whole new sets of summer clothes for the kids so what I did instead was 'Tuc away' some bits in one of my local kid boutiques which made it a whole lot easier on the pocket.
Before I get into how I 'Tuc-ed' them away lets get into the haul. I picked up all these clothes in Petit Cheri in Waterford City.  I will link there Facebook page below.

I wanted to pick up some really good outfits for day trips over the summer and the rest I can pick up and add along the way.

So first up is Cailans outfit.  I choose pieces for him that I could mix and match with others bits as I went along.  My favourite of all the pieces that I got for Cai are definitely his denim print shorts.  What I love about them is that they have the denim print without the actual denim fabric.  There more like a soft tracksuit feel which is great because he can run around and play without having the restriction of a jean while still looking stylish!

 Jumper €31.90

 T-Shirt €24.95

Shorts €33.95

Now I'm moving onto Dylan. I choose two outfits for him because lets face it hes only 1 and I change his outfits more then I change my own!

 T-Shirt €16.90

 Shorts €12.90

 T-Shirt €12.00

 Shorts €19.90

Aren't they all so adorable?  I can't wait until the boys are out running around in tshirts and shorts in the garden, hopefully this weather we're getting keeps up!
Okay so I presume your wondering what the hell I meant by 'Tuc' something away right?  Up until about 5/6 weeks ago I was unaware what  Tucr actually was and since its been introduced into my life it has been a game changer.  So basically if a shop takes 'tucr' payments for you that means you can 'Tuc' away an item or products of interest and pay them off in store or online at your own convenience.  For me personally being able to make an online payment whenever suits me was actually ideal because it meant I could wait until the end of the week to see how much money I had left over to pop on the payment!  It also meant not having to log the kids into town every week which was also a massive convenience for me.  Unless I was around town to pay it off I didn't need to go in!

I will link the Tucr website below so that you can pop on and check if there are any stores in your area that accept Tucr payments.  Some places even do the payments completely online so that you may never even need to stop foot in the shop to Tuc something away.

I guess that concludes my kids clothes haul.  I am actually hoping to film a full clothing haul for Youtube once I get my head around the editing part again!  I have picked up some lovely bits that I can't wait to share with you guys!

P.S -  Tucr did approach me about helping them get their name out there.  However I am not being paid to promote them or write this post,  All thoughts expressed in the post are my own.

If you you have a business and would like to find out more about how Tucr can work for you, just drop the Tucr team an email on or call on 051364012 or 0860804776.

Until next time,

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