Why I don't believe good things happen to those who wait.

I grew up with an amazing support and family moto that if you wanted something you had to go out and get it.  Life is too short to just sit around and wait for things to come to you.  I believe this whole heartily and believe this moto runs through my veins everyday.

While good things happen to those who wait patiently for the kettle to boil in my opinion thats the one and only time you should ever wait for something good to happen.  Life is really what you make of it.  If you choose to sit around all day in the hopes that prince charming is going to rock up at your front door with the keys to your new palace, while you just get an offer for that job you had been dreaming of all your life and you actually are that 1'000'000th visitor to that website and you just won yourself a brand new iPhone then I have news for you.  ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Life rarely ever happens that way.  Infact it doesn't happen that way.

Set goals, turn your dreams into reality... because honestly why the hell not?  You deserve everything you hope and dream for and don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Some say shoot for the stars, while I say shoot for the galaxy because why have limits?  Limits will only hold you back and motivate you to a point.  If you are always working towards something you will always achieve something remember that next time your sat at your kitchen table doing homework and you feel like what is the point in this?  Or when you when your putting on your third load of washing and you have a child attached to one hip and the other wrecking the gaff you just spent the morning cleaning!

I don't believe good things happen to those who wait because I believe good things are waiting for you to come to them.  Okay I know what your thinking I just switched the words around and made it sound cool.. right?  Well, kind of but there is a method to the madness.  I truly believe that good things are out there waiting for each and everyone one of us, just waiting there.  So if your finding yourself thinking 'why do good things never happen to me?'  Then chances are your sitting waiting for them,,, now do you get it?
Can you see my point now?  I find myself saying 'Lisa, just go for it' like all the time because I know that if I don't then nothing will happen.  How do I expect people to follow me on snapchat if I don't snap?  Or how do I expect to lose weight if I'm not doing anything about it!

Its important to have expectations and the most important ones are the ones you have for yourself.  Expect that your going to finally run that 5km that you have been talking about doing forever.  Expect it, you are the only one that can make it happen.  Expectations are what its all about, however if you expect bad things then let me, let you in on something... bad things will happen.  If you expect that your going to miss the bus and then chances are your going to miss that bus.  If you expect that your not going to get that job for whatever reason, then chances are your not going to get that job!  The problem?  You already have self doubt pumping through your veins and you, yes you are the only one holding yourself back!
So here's the problem though if you expect it and you don't try then you will fail its really that simple.  If you expect and try then chances are it will happen.

So life is for the taking, so go and get it.  Don't sit and wait and hope it will come to you!

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