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Okay so I mentioned this back on Snapchat a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see the amount of messages I had received when talking about Back to MAC.  Not alot of people really knew about it or some didn't know they were still doing it!  What I'm referring to is a scheme that MAC do that helps the environment and also our makeup bags!

Let me explain...
Firstly stop throwing out your empty MAC bottles and containers because when you bring back 6 empty containers either to your nearest store/counter or online, you will receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice (excluding there Viva Glam collection as that is charitable and also any other limited edition lipstick). Amazing right?
So in an effort to be more kind to the environment MAC will take back your empty's and reward you with your favourite lippy, it almost sounds to good to be true right?

What empty's do they take?
Anything that MAC accepts in this scheme has the Back to Mac logo on it which you can see in the above picture.
That one is from my Prolong Wear Concealer, which girl, I wear like its going out of fashion!  They take back all there primary packaging such as foundations, concealers, bronzers, powders, empty lash cases and even de-potted shadows!  

I love this scheme and I think its great that such a huge company like MAC reward your loyalty too, as you get some return on your makeup investments!

Hope this helps :)

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  1. Hi! I have a question. I lost a Lipstick lid- can I still use the base of the tube (everything minus the cap) as one of the empties? Thanks!


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