Beauty Products that aren't worth the hype

So this is a post that I have been wanting to stick my teeth into for the longest time but have struggles to find the time to sit down and gather together a list of products that for  me just didn't live up to the hype.  Now it's important for me to note and point out to you that just because I have tried and tested these products and they didn't work for me does not mean that they won't work for you.  I mean we all have different tastes in makeup and different skin types that will all play a factor in whether or not you like a product or not.  I also want to point out that I am not trying to slander any of the brands that appear is this post because in reality I use and love most of these brands everyday.  I am simply bringing together my list of products that after hearing people rave about them, it just left me feeling let down!

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Okay so I am a newbie to Lush products since up until last year.  I know what was I at right?  I remember walking into the store for the first time and being overwhelmed by the gorgeous fresh smells and stunning colours.  Ever since then I was hooked.  However recently I picked up there Mask of Magnaminty which is so highly raved about here in Ireland at least.  I had to have it, it smelt and looked amazing however it pretty much stopped there,  I popped it on as a mask before the shower and it said to apply a generous amount which I did.  It wasn't long until I felt this extreme almost burning sensation to my face almost like the same one you feel in your mouth after a strong mint except all over my face.  I was aware that it was supposed to tingle but compared to other masks that did that it was just too extreme and I didn't like it at all.  I don't have any sensitivity to skin so I found it very strange that my skin reacted like that.  This is one I definitely won't be getting again.

Sleek Matte Liquid Lipstick Birthday Suit

I can't tell you the hype that surrounded this Matte Liquid lipstick.  Even for a time it was next too impossible to get your hands on so can you imagine mine when I popped into my local pharmacy and boom there was 1 LEFT!  I swear I was so happy it was like I found the golden ticket.  I had swatched the testers and heard so many people raving about it that I already loved it before trying it out.  Again can you imagine the disgust when I got home and tried it?  It had no longevity, like at all. It faded and crumbled on my lips and wore off horribly.  The formula is also super drying on the lips.  Now I know its a matte liquid lipstick but I have tried some amazing ones like the Urban Decay Vice or The NYX Matte ones or fab aswell.  Now I know there will people reading this thinking I'm mad but it just didn't work for me

Amazing Concealer

Again I kind of feel like this was a blow in concealer that blew up out of know where and it became the concealer to wear.  I was put of by the hefty price tag of €29.95 for 15mls of product,  for a while I won't lie but gave in finally due to the sheer volume of love this concealer was been shown by snapchatters and influencers.  So basically this concealer was dubbed as the holy grail for dark circles.  I have dark circles, I also have two kids these are secrets, haha.  But after giving this a try I was left utterly disappointed.  From the get go the concealer itself started to brake down underneath my eyes.  I had never seen a concealer wear so badly and so quickly in all my life.  It made me look tired and incapable of applying concealer!  I found a little bit went a long way and I did find it easy to blend however that's about all the positives I have.  I hate to bash a product so harshly but it was just so bad from the get go.

Silicone Sponge

This trend took the beauty world by storm and before we knew it all of our favourite beauty Youtubers and bloggers were trying it out.  Now this was more of a mixed opinion product so I knew I had to try it out for myself.  There was no Irish retailer that sold the sili' sponge up until all of us girls favourite 'Penneys' came to the rescue.  One thing I will say about the sponge was that it didn't waste any of the product which I loved.  My makeup brushes aswell as other beauty blenders tend to absorb a lot of product which is not ideal but with this it allowed you too disperse all the product without any waste.  However, when it came to application and blending out the product it was awful.  I found it impossible to blend around my eyes and nose area due to the shape of the sponge I ended up having to go in with brush to fix it which defeated the purpose of the sponge.  I think they were onto something when they created this sponge due to how easy it was to clean and how it wasted no product so maybe they could go back to the drawing board with this and see if they can improve but for now its on my disappointing product list!.

Girlacktic Eye Sparkles

There was a TRND Beauty Stall at an event I was at recently and the Girlactik brand was on the table.  Now I had never seen or heard anything from the brand so I was very much intrigued.  They had a gorgeous selection of glitters that I was drawn to immediately.  One in particular caught my eye and it was this browny, emerald green glitter.  I thought I could create so many different looks using it I knew I had to have it.  When it came to application of the glitter it all went downhill.  It lost all shine on the eye and actually became very dull when applied.  It also took a while to press the glitter onto the eye and I tried glue and duraline to see if any of them would work better but they didn't.  Throughout wearing the glitter creased and began to clump on the eye!  This is definitely one product I would never recommend!

Nivea Post Shave Balm

To those of you who don't know the Nivea Shave Balm craze then let me fill you in.  Makeup artists and beauty influencers aswell as celebrities like Kylie Jenner alike began using this as a Primer for underneath your makeup.  The claim was that once it got tacky it became a magnet for your makeup in which it might stay in place all day.  I'm not joking the trend blew up so much that the product became almost impossible to get your hands on.  I have to admit that it was not a trend that I was eager to try.  Infact I didn't try it out for months and months later.  It wasn't until I had spotted it in one of Lee's Christmas sets that I said I would give it a try.  For me primers a tough one because there are only one or two ones that I actually really like the rest I feel don't do anything.  Unfortunately the shaving balm is one of those.  I actually found it to makeup my foundation patchy and didn't wear my foundation well at all.  The only thing I did like was the smell.  This is a product however I would recommend going out and trying for yourself as so much people seem to rave about it.  Me however, I disliked it as a primer!

Let me know down below what products were not worth the hype for you!  Would love to hear them!

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