Dear God how are you 2!

As I sit here today I can't quite believe that I'm writing this post.  You my sweet boy are turning 2.  I honestly don't know where these past two years have gone but I've watched you grow from a sprout in my belly to the funny, independent tantrum throwing two year old that stands before me today.  I thank god everyday that he blessed me with you and that he saw me worthy of raising two very handsome little boys.
But today is your day Dylo and I just want to take the time to try and explain the light you have brought into our life's since the day you existed.

I remember the night before that led me to the day you were born.  I sat up all night by myself (not wanting to wake Daddy, encase of a false alarm) counting contractions that slowly progressed.  Morning finally came and I was fully convinced I had gone into labour by myself, which may I add was a pretty big deal because it didn't go quite like that with your brother.  I gave birth to you later that evening around 4ish through cesarean section, it wasn't planned but I had a feeling it was coming as you followed straight in your brothers footsteps when it came to labour you we're lazy and quite content to stay where you were!

I remember those first few hours I got to spend with you before I introduced you to the world.  For those few hours you existed only to me and your dad and the couple of lucky doctors and nurses who had got to meet you.  I will cherish those moments forever.  I remember me and your dad counted our blessings to have you and Cailan in our lifes and how we felt so complete as a family now that you have arrived into this world.

Flash forward to now you stand before me as the most lovable rouge.  It has been a pleasure to watch you grow however I feel like you stayed a baby for no lenght.  Before I knew it you were sitting up playing with Cai.  I can't tell you how incredible it is to see the both of you play together and how each of you make each other laugh.  The feeling my heart gets as I watch you play cars or pretend to be super heroes makes it swell with pride.
Its funny watching as your little personality develops.  You are so independent you know exactly what you want and when you want it.  You are stubborn in the funniest way.  You have the most contagious happy laugh that when you laugh the room erupts with you.  When you smile your whole face smiles with you.  Your so smart and affectionate always hugging your brother when hes sad I could really go on about you all night.

Your favourite things at the moment to do are...

  • Wake every morning at 6 o clock and call both me and your dad until one of us comes in to get you.  
  • Movies are your thing, tv shows not so much however you will sit and watch Boss Baby, Big Hero 6 and all of the Toy Stories on repeat all day every day if you could.
  • You don't eat your own dinner however you will eat every single scrap of food off your daddy's and my plate even your brother's when he is not looking.
  • You finish the end of every single cup of tea that's ever made around you.
  • Bed time and nap time is something you enjoy.  You will actually walk to the stair gate yourself and say bed when your tired.  Sometimes I think you forget that your 2 but I'll take it.
  • You never sucked a dodo or even had a comforter but by god if you don't have your bottle you will scream on the top of your lungs until its found.
  • Your favourite thing to say at the moment is 'I don't know', 'baba', 'baby', 'doggy'. 'okay', 'num nums' and of course 'no'.
  • You don't like your stroller you would much rather prefer to walk.
  • You love to run up and down the house collecting Hi-5's 
  • .Minions are now your new obsession you freak out every time you spot one in the toy shop or supermarket.
  • You love anything that resembles a phone especially remotes where you will pretend to have conversations with your Nanny Mo or cousin Katie.
  • Pasta and lollipops are your favourite food right now with chocolate and banana milk topping your favourite drinks.
  • You bring Buzz and Woodie to bed every night where you secretly stay up and play and you think knowbody knows!

You are the most special almost 2 year old in the world.  The love I have for you is beyond comprehension and will always remain that way.  I love you to the moon and back my boy and will continue to do everything in my power to show you that its true every day.  I have the biggest hopes and dreams for you but none more special are the ones you will have for yourself.  

Happy second birthday Dylo, love mom.

Until next time,

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