Product Spotlight Of The Month - July 2017

Hey guys, and welcome back to another spotlight of the month post.  So last month I decided to do a new monthly post just to highlight a particular product that I have been loving that's cheap and cheerful and worth the mention.  If you missed it last month you can read it here, however if you want to check out what I chose this month then just keep reading!

If you follow me on Snapchat (cheeky little plug @CuddleNContour) then picking a product that comes from Penneys own Ps Beauty range will come as no surprise.  For me personally they have been killing it with their product launches of late and I've decided to spotlight none other then their Matte Liquid Lip Kits.  These aren't new however their new to me and recently they launched 4 new shades to their collection.

  • Lady In Red

  • Punked

  • Riot

  • Obsessed

Having never picked one up before, not really sure why?  I was in there a few days ago I one lip kit in particular caught my eye.  I am usually a nude kinda gal' and I never sway to far from my comfort zone but something about the 'Lady In Red' lip kit spoke to me.  I picked it up, popped it in my basket and didn't give it much thought until I got home.  I had seen these lip kits around before matte versions and even metallic versions but for some reason I wasn't persuaded.  By god am I kicking myself in the foot for waiting this long to try.  I am literally dying over this liquid lip.  

If I'm going to be brutally honest I don't like the red liner that comes with the kit its quite blue toned and the lipstick itself is like a blood red but the liquid lipstick itself is bloody amazing and I can't rave about it highly enough.  For a girl that wears nude lippy 100% of the time I have been wearing this red everyday since I got it... every dam day.  As silly as it sounds who doesn't feel sexy when their wearing a bit of red lipstick?  Red lipstick also makes your teeth appear whiter so my smile has been bigger for days now too.

The lip kits retail for, wait for it... €4!  Yup you get a liquid lipstick and liner for €4!  Now even though I'm not a fan of the liner that came with the 'Lady In Red' lip kit that's not to say I won't like any of the rest of the liners in the kits and it has certainly not thrown me off as I'm planning on next payday heading straight for Penney's and picking up the other shades!  

Now lets get to what you really want to know are they any good?
  • Right so I would say they dry to a comfort matte finish.  It appears matte on the lips but its not drying at all when I compare it to my other liquid lipsticks like take the sleek ones for example.  When I compare it to my Sleek 'Birthday Suit'  there really is no comparison because I feel like if you want to have any sort of comfort with that one you need to load your lips with Vaseline and that for me defeats the purpose of a matte lip.
  • They are long wearing but not smudge proof.  I found the lipstick did tend to smudge when I ate or when I drink from a water bottle etc.  This tends to happen with most if not all of my lipsticks so its not something that would really make or brake my decision on a lippy when buying it.
  • It does not stain your lips.  Do you know how hard it is do get a red lipstick that doesn't stain your lips?  Now I found it a little hard to remove but not any harder then any other red lipstick.
Overall I would give this lip kit a 9/10 marking it down only because I didn't like the liner that came with it.  For the price you pay they are 100% worth the money!

These lip kits are available nationwide right now and you will find them in your local Penneys/Primark store.

Until next time,

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