Is the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette really worth all the hype?

I have lived the hype around this Urban Decay Palette as you may or may not know I work for Urban Decay here in Waterford.  I have seen the die hard Urban lovers and the curious first timers gather around our counter to check out the palette that is The Naked Heat.
I for one was super lucky and I actually found out about the palette in May when Urban Decay held its annual conference in London.  One of the perks of the job is to see all the upcoming launches for the year before they hit Internet screens and are leaked to websites around the world.  You can imagine when you have a room full of Urban Decay enthusiasts and when this palette showed up on screen the room absolutely lost it!  Also as an added bonus Urban Decay actually sent us all out this palette before it offically launched here in Ireland.  I remember going weak when I opened this palette for the first time.  I can't thank Urban enough!

In my opinion this palette is exactly what Urban Decay were lacking gorgeous earthy, warm tones that are huge for Autumn/Winter 2017!  Now we do have a couple of single coppers and orange toned shadows like the cult favourite 'Riff' and a newly released shadow called 'Spice' but none of the other palettes are like this one. It already has become my favourite out of the naked range and I haven't been able to leave mine down.  I have been using this palette for about 2 months now so I feel like I can give a well rounded review of the palette and how it wears.

The whole theme around the palette is Heat and how hot the palette actually is so from the very first experience, opening the palette out of the box is very well thought out by Urban themselves.  Unlike the other palettes this one slides out of the box mimicking a match box.  Inside the cover of the box and keeping within theme there is tonnes of little matches all adding to the experience and design of the palette.  These little details that brands put into products always go a long way for me personally.

The palette itself is hard plastic and has an almost 3D effect to it.  It is a perfect representation of the colours inside which are an array of oranges and warm toned hues.  There is 12 shadows in total which is standard with all Naked palettes.  There is a mix of shimmer and matte finishes and the overall quality of the palette is good.  I did find one or two of the shimmer shades to be of a slightly drier formula which for me is not the be all end all.  Adding a spray of All Nighter or Macs Fix Plus to your brush will resolve this straight away while also intensifying the pigment of the shimmer.
The mattes preform super well and I'd expect nothing else.  Packed with their classic creamy and blendable formula the mattes are easy to work with whether its creating your base, transition or patting down it down on your crease.
For everyday use I find myself sticking to the first couple of shades in the palette gravitating towards 'Sauced' and 'low Blow' most often.  Sometimes I wear the shades alone or together on the lid if I'm in a hurry but still want to look like I made an effort or if I'm feeling more daring I will use the colours more to the right of the palette.  Right away I was drawn too 'Sorched', 'En Feugo' and 'Embre' and even now they are still shadows I tend to gravitate towards the most!

This palette is certainly not for the faint hearted but its not one to be written off either if you are someone who is not as daring with your makeup.  The palette itself looks great on all eye colours and insanely flattering on all skin tones. Trust me as I have tried this palette on so many customers in work ranging from all ages, skin tones and eye colours. 
I have created some amazing simple looks with this palette and find its a great all rounder for A/W.  I just know that this palette is going to be well loved over the coming months so I apologise now for the overloading of selfies on Instagram with looks from this palette.

The palette retails for €47.50 and is available to buy in all Urban Decays around the world aswell as online!  I will leave links to where you can find it down below!

Something a palette must have for me to fall in love with it is its power to inspire me to be creative and want to play around with colour and experiment with different looks.  Every time I pick up this palette I am inspired to create a different look and try something new.  I can't rate this palette highly enough and I honestly feel every makeup enthusiast should have one in their collection!
I would love to hear your thoughts on the this Palette?  Did you love or loath it?Will you be splurging or passing? 

P.S - I just want to thank you for all your support as I was longlisted again in this years V by Very Awards Ireland 2017.

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  1. I love Urban Decay Palette as they keep developing new colours and style that interest women. Do you know you can review a keep Urban Decay Palette Free. Campaign is open to UK resident! Thanks for a great post.


  2. Thank you :) Im not actually a UK resident but thank you anyways :)


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