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Its been a minute since I updated you guys on where I'm at,  if you read last weeks post you will know I started back Youtube so I have been back over there for a bit, but I will go into that in more detail later on in this post.

Where do I begin?  I guess I should start of by telling you guys that Cailan has officially started big school.  He started in Junior Infants and my heart is still bursting with pride.  Last week was his first full week back and touch wood its going amazing.  Its smiles all round lying up in his line before school starts and has I watch him take the corner to be collected from school.  He wakes up happy to go and comes home happy and that's all I can really ask for.
I was really worried as he had been to preschool in a different school.  I had worries and stresses about him not being able to settle and him feeling like a fish out of water but thankfully that didn't happen.  Cai is a very warm and sociable child so I knew I didn't have to worry but of course I'm his mam so I did.  Hes already coming home telling us stories of how cool his classroom is and all the toys his teacher owns!  I'm absolutely loving all the little stories in the car ride home and I can't encourage him enough to talk about how school is going and how he feels.  The most important thing to me is that he is happy and comfortable, its a very strange thing leaving your child in school for the first time.  I know most people told me ahh you'll be glad of the brake but in all honesty you do actually miss him around the house.  Dylan is lost without his sidekick and hes acting like a different child altogether.

Speaking of Dylan he just turned two last month.  Its like yesterday I remember going into hospital to have him and I feel all I did was blink and now we're here.  He is the most independent, intelligent, brave and funny little two two year old I know.  He is still a Daddy's boy threw and threw.  It melts my heart to see the amazing bond Lee has with both boys.
Dylan is still teething and we're expecting to see some back teeth real soon.... PLEASE GOD!  His speech almost overnight has become so clear and he is absolutely smashing all of his milestones for his age and we couldn't be prouder of him.  We decided not to put him into playschool this year because we still feel like hes too young.  I know they take them for two onwards but I personally feel hes not ready... and I'll be honest I'm not ready either either.  I'm just not ready to leave him go yet.  Hes till only a little baby and we're planning to send him to Preschool like we did Cai.  However we managed to get a spot for him in the School Cailan is in now which was pretty hard to get so we're super thrilled about that but until then we are both quite happy to have him home with us and enjoy every second of him for another year at least!

The next biggest thing that I have to update you guys on is Lee!  He has decided to go back to college to study Sports therapy's and Injuries something he has wanted tot do for the longest time now and I could not he happier that hes done it.  When you have kids early in life like we did.  I was 20 having Cai and Lee was 21 the statistics of young parents going back to education is very low.  We knew where we wanted to be in life.  We made short term and long term life plans and goals and while we had bumps along the way Lee was always adamant that he would go back get a third level education in something he loved and was passionate about and hopefully he would turn it into a career.  So here we are now at the very beginning of his journey.  I can't begin to express just how proud I am of my best friend.  He has always supported me in everything I have wanted to do and I can now do the same for him.
Its never too late to follow a dream or a passion that you have all you really need is self belief and a little bit of support!

As you can see things have been quite hectic in the Murphy/Nugent household so to top it all off I have decided to vlog our lifes!  If your a long term follower of mine you will know I have been bitten by the YouTube bug quite a few times over the last two years however a couple of weeks ago I was hit hard.  It came from looking back at old vlogs and seeing just how much the boys have grown in such a short amount of time.  Lee and myself had a chat and realised just how amazing it was to have these videos to look back on.  I can't imagine it now but someday when the boys are all grown up we will have these videos to remind us of all the amazing times and memories we shared together and thats why for me making these videos is so important!  Its a bonus that you guys watch and enjoy them, honestly it really is.  I will link my most recent videos down below for you too check out.  Any feedback is of course welcome and if you do enjoy them please don't forget to subscribe!

First Weekly Vlog

Second Weekly Vlog

I can't say too much just yet but 2017 is shaping up already to be the most amazing year I have ever had!  One of the things we are doing next year for my birthday is going away for a couple of nights to Youghal in Cork where we will be going to see ED SHEERAN!  I honestly can't believe I'm actually going to see this man live.  For me his first official album PLUS is one I always listen to whether I'm sad or happy or even feeling anxious as this album holds so many cherished and wonderful memories for me.  I absolutely love all of his music but that album in particular holds a special place in my heart and the fact I'm going to see him on the day of my actually birthday with Lee makes this whole few days so amazing... However believe it or not this is not going to be the most exciting thing we will do in 2017!  I can't reveal just yet what we have planned but trust me those vlogs and blog posts you will not want to miss!!

I guess thats pretty much it from me!  If you would like to see what me and the guys get up to on a weekly basis then don't forget to check out our weekly vlogs over on my Youtube channel.  Apart from that you will catch life updates on here from time to time.

Hope you have a wonderul evening and I will catch you in my next post.

Until next time,

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