So I vlogged again...

Heya guys, 
I caught the Youtube bug again and it has hit be hard.  I love making videos and sharing memories and the thoughts of having these videos to look back on in years to come makes me very happy!!

So unlike before where I just vlogged random days I decided to vlog on a weekly basis.  So far its actually going well.  Its going to take me some time to find my rhythm and get iinto a proper routine with managing my time between the blog and my Youtube channel but I'll figure it out.  With Cailan offically after starting school and Lee going back to college I think a little update blog post is well over due.  I'm hoping to have one up next week so keep your eyes peeled across my social medias for that.

So without further ado I will leave the links to my first two weekly vlogs below and I would love if you could go and check them out.  If you enjoy them please let me know and don't forget to subscribe when your there :)

First Weekly Vlog
Week Beginning - Monday 21st of August

Second Weekly Vlog
Week Beginning - Monday 28th of August

Until next time,

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