How to start the New Year off on the right foot

So I have written this type of post before but I thought I would do a more updated version for you to help you get the most out of the New Year!

Take a look back over 2017

I think its really important to take a look back on the year that you just had and reflect.  What do you want to change from this year?  What were your highlights etc.  By doing this you can set yourself clear goals for the new year.  Whether its been one of your toughest years yet or maybe it was the best year ever.  Write it down.  What I like to do is sit down with a pen and paper and answer these questions...

- What have I achieved this year?
- What are the things that made me happy this year?
- What challenges did I face?
- How did I overcome them?
- My highlights!
- Things I wish to repeat this year?
- Things I wish not to repeat this year?

More often then not I'm left with a very clear picture of how my year went and from that I can set myself very clear goals for the new year ahead.  I can bring all the positives with me and leave the negatives behind.

Start the €5 challenge

This a game changer guys!  I seen this challenge a couple years ago on Pinterest and I remember pinning it and never actually getting around to starting it at the beginning of last year I started it and in just two short months I had saved over €200! Insane right?
Well its super easy and I urge you to give it a try. All you need is a money box that you can't open, there very easy to get your hands on Dealz always have them.  So everytime you get a €5 note put it into the tin.  Its the price of a chicken roll lets be honest you won't miss it and trust me it adds up quickly.  Its great if your trying to save for a summer holidays or dare I say ''Christmas''.


There is no point in holding onto last years junk and there is certainly no need to be hanging onto clothes you might have never even worn!  So here are a few tips to to declutter you room or house this year.

  •  Turn all your hangers backwards in your wardrobe.  Every time you wear something turn the hanger the right way around.  At the end of 4/5 months all the hangers that are still remaining backwards just get rid of the clothes.  Whether you pass them onto a family member or give them to charity.  There is no point in you holding onto them!
  • Add more space to your wardrobe by adding hanging canvas shelves.  This will give you more room to store stuff so you want have to buy more additional storage such as a chest of drawers etc.
  • Use pull out baskets in your fridge.  Now I have a pretty big fridge to begin with but after the big weekly shop I struggle to fit everything in and as a result food gets piled on top of each other and in some case resulting in products, fruit, veg etc. going off due to being hidden.  So I now have small pull out baskets organising everything so I have one for fruit, veg, cheese and any sort of cold meat and another for treats this allows to to store everything else like yogurt an milk in a way in which the will always be seen.  Slightly OCD maybe but I promise you it will change you life! Haha.
  • If you were to open my hot press you would probably be greeted by every sheet, duvet and pillowcase falling on top of you.  However I spotted this very clever hack on Pinterest one day and it is to store the duvet case an other pillowcase in the one pillowcase.  This way whenever the beds or your bed needs to be changed all you have to do is grab the pillowcase and everything you need is in there!  Genius I know!!!
  • Focus on one room at a time!  I know I could go into every room in my house and remove clutter that is just the kind of person I am.  I am one of those people who prefers to have something encase you might need it rather then having to go look for something when you need it!  You will get nowhere jumping from room to room rather then just focusing on the task at hand. 

I'm hoping to take my little blog in a slightly new direction, I wan't to dive more into mommy and lifestyle blogging.  While beauty and makeup will always be my passion right now in this hour of my life its not the number one thing.  I will continue to share with you guys new makeup tricks and hacks whilst also fitting in some of the new stuff.
I guess that's really it I'm wishing you a very healthy and happy New Year.

Until next time,

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