Money Saving Tips & Hacks (Part 2)

Hey guys and welcome to Part 2 of my Money Saving Tips and Hacks post.  If you missed the first one I urge you to go and check out that one too as it has some amazing tips in it.  I will leave it linked below or you can just CLICK HERE to read.

I have had such amazing feedback already from the first post so I'm glad to know you guys are enjoying it and that you hope to implement a lot of the stuff I shared with you.  
I am delighted to share some more tips and hacks with you guys so lets get stuck right in.

Use Discount Codes

Now this might be a no brainer for some however I do know there are alot of people that don't use specials codes to get discounts on products or experiences.  I don't understand this if you can get something cheaper just by using a code why not do it.  A very quick and easy way to check if there is a discount code is to simply google it.  For example if you are shopping on littlewoods just type in 'Littlewoods Ireland latest discount codes' and what do you know.  All of there most recent discount codes will pop up.  Sometimes you will find discontinued codes but that's the luck of the draw.  
Another example of this is you mobile phone provider.  I'm with 3Ireland and they have a whole app dedicated to discounts and money off on products or experiences.  I also get 2 cinema tickets for €10 between Sunday-Thursday which is amazing.  Honestly guys you could save yourself a few bucks by being just a little bit more savvy with your money.


This is not always fun but its a great way to manage your money if your struggling to see where all your money is going.  I always notice I manage my money better on the weeks where I budget to the ones where I don't.  Budgeting for me is simple.  After you take out your bill money, rent etc. you are left with a sum of money that is yours to spend for the week.  Now everyones figure of money will be different but this will be the sum of money you will be budgeting.  Grab yourself a pen and paper and write down everything you need to get this week for example food shop, maybe your youngest has grown out of his school shoes whatever it maybe well these are the things your budgeting for.  I read a great rule of thumb for food shopping and its a great way to keep you on budget because I sure as hell know that between my food shop and eating out most of my money is spent on food!  So back to the rule of thumb, for every person your feeding you spend €100 a month example in my house there are 4 people.  Thats €400 a month which when broken down weekly is a €100.  So I try to stay within that €100 mark when buying in my weekly shop.  I could go into so much more detail about this and budgeting if you would like that just let me know in the comments below.

Do a spending Freeze

This is not for everyone and not everyone will need to do this but you could save yourself anything from €200 and up in just one week by doing it.  How it works is really easy actually all you do after getting paid is take out your bill money and do absolutely nothing! Yup, thats right you don't spend a single cent not even on a food shop.  You will be surprised how much food you have laying around in your freezer and presses that will get you by for the week.  It may sound impossible but in reality its only 7 days.  Then you take the money you saved by not spending anything and put it into a savings account or onto a bill that you want to get cleared.
Obviously if you are out of the absolute basics like milk and bread etc. then go stock up on them but absolutely nothing else.  This will force you to become a little creative in the kitchen and finally get around to using those jars of sauce in the press.

Stay Home

Okay so here me out I'm not saying not to live I mean we all need to have a treat ourselves so we can stay sane however just take this for example...

  • You work 3 days a week and dont bring your lunch at €5 a lunch thats €15 a week just on lunches for YOU.
  • Then you meet with the girls for lunch and its a normal lunch + a drink so your looking at €15 just for that! 
  • Then you have date night with your partner or hubby you might do dinner and a movie that easily for 2 people costs upwards of €80 or more.
This is a total of €110 in just one week spent eating out!  Now obviously you won't spend that every week and some weeks you may very well go over that so my biggest tip here is to become more aware of your spending.  
Instead of meeting your friends for lunch invite them round for a cuppa and make the two of ye some lunch.
Get creative with date nights too.  You don't always have to wine and dine each other everytime you go on a date there is so many cute ideas and things you can do that will help bring date night costs right down.

For now thats my round up of tips and hacks for saving you money this year.  If there is anything I mentioned in either posts that you would like me to go into more detail then please let me know down below!
Each month I'm going to set a new Challenge across my social medias to help get us more financially stable in 2018.  I will kick it off in February as I have a big holiday at the end of this month that we are saving very hard for!

Until next time,

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