The €5 Challenge

I mentioned this on my snapchat and I received a lot of messages saying it was a great idea etc. so I decided I would pop it into a post so it would make handy reading.
Now I did not come up with this idea myself.  I was just scrolling aimlessly through through Pinterest one night as you do and I came across this pin called the 5 Dollar Plan.  It was just a picture of a huge roll of 5 dollar bills and I just thought this was such a great idea.

Okay so the concept is simple.  Anytime a €5 note comes into your possession all you have to do is save it.  Once or twice a year then your supposed to deposit the money into a savings account, SIMPLE!  I started this challenge at the beginning of last year and withing 2 months I had saved over €200!  Thats pretty crazy right?  Then I rememeber we needed new tires for the car or something likfe that so I broke into my savings jar and never really got back into it.  So my plan for this year is to keep going with it!  Some people save crazy amounts I just hope to save enough to cover some Christmas presents or a nice weekend away with Lee at the end of the year!

So my challenge to you is this.  Get yourself one of them money savings tins, you know the one where you can't get the money out unless you hack it to death!  Otherwise, if your anything like me you will keep dipping into it!  I'm just going to use one of the boys Paw Patrol ones as they have like 4 of them!  There pretty accessible most Poundshops carry them. Now all you have to do is save!

Lets see how well we can do!  
Good Luck.

Until next time,

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