The Sisterhood of Motherhood

In my line of work I'm very lucky to meet new people all the time.  More specifically I get to meet other moms at all stages of motherhood.  I've met the mother who's son is graduating from college, and we spend our time together talking about how quickly time goes, we share treasured memories of our kids and her advice to me is always the same, enjoy every moment of my kids while there young, the good and the bad because one day you will turn around and they will be all grown up.
I've met the mom who is up to 90.  Clearly regretting the fact she has come to town with 3 kids under 4 with no other help.  I tell her I totally get it I have two just like them at home and we share a look that only a mother of toddlers would understand. We smile and part ways.
I've met the mother who is bringing her daughter in to get her first few bits of makeup.  I am always so grateful to be apart of such a significant time in that girls life.  Sometimes the daughter won't have a clue about makeup and other times they know more then myself however at the end me and that momma always share the same conversation.  They always gush over how amazing their daughter is an everything they have achieved so far.  I always think to myself please god let me be here in 10/15 years time to boast about my boys like that! 

I could go on and on about all the amazing mothers in so many different situations I meet so regularly.  I can't explain it but I always seem to connect with fellow moms on another level and I'm calling it the sisterhood of motherhood.
No matter what stage of motherhood they are at whether its just after having a new baby or their getting their makeup done for there sons weddings I always share that connection, like we belong in a special club. 

Its like you know when your in the supermarket and you see that kid that is just acting up or having a tantrum and you glance over at the mom and you give her that nod.  To me that's the sisterhood of motherhood.  The nod can mean the world to that mom at that particular time.  Trust me I know it because I have been that mother who's child is throwing themselves down on the floor in Lidl and everyone is staring like your completely incompetent and don't know what your doing.  It can be so daunting trying to get your shit together and trying your very best not lose it to in front of everyone.  I remember glancing up while trying to peel my child off the floor, who by this stage has tensed up every muscle in their body and has made it almost impossible for them to be picked up.  While I glanced up another mom caught my eye she smiled at me and nodded.  I still think to this day that is the only reason I was able to keep my shit together long enough to get out of the store and cry my eyes out in the car.  
That one look of understanding like, girl I know, I feel you.  Is sometimes all you really need.

I could give you so many other scenarios that would show just how important in a moment having another moms support can be even if it is just a nod.  It can really make all the difference.

Us moms are ridiculed on the daily and face constant criticism whether it comes from online, unrealistic exceptions you have for yourself, a family member or wherever it's coming from, its there.  When I first had Cailan I remember the whispers of 'oh my god shes pregnant' 'shes too young to have a baby' 'well that's her life ruined now' and I remember drowning in my thoughts 'god I won't be able to give this child everything he will need' 'everybody is right I am too young'!  Until I met other fellow moms!  It was always the small things like one time when I was on the bus, Cai would of only have been a few months old at the time and a women commented saying 'Awh look, hes so content, you must be doing something right'  I laughed and said thank you and we went on about out day but it's comments like those that always gave me a little boost.

My point is, you never know what stage a mother is at or what they are going through.  Be that person to offer encouragement or even a nod.  Be apart of the sisterhood of motherhood not someone trying to take it down.  

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