How To Save Hundreds of €€ EUROS €€ Booking a Disney Holiday.

Today I'm going to share a tip with you that I learned after booking my last Disneyland Paris holiday!!  It was to late for me then but I know when I go back their I will definitely be pricing and booking my holiday this way in future.  I'm kicking myself for not knowing this before going away, we booked with a travel agent so I guess he wasn't going to be spilling any money saver tips with me, but I am going to share them here with you today.

I am going to go through this step by step for you and if you have any questions at the end of this blog post pop them in the comment section below and I will try to answer them as quick as possible.

Okay if you are reading this post and you are like me and have probably spent the guts of about a month if not longer pricing up your Disney holiday checking out different dates and hotels to try and get the best deal possible but I bet what you didn't know was that you can price your holiday on different Offical Disney websites!  Different countries run different offers and there is nothing stopping you booking your holiday through them!  The only downfall to doing this depending on the country that gives you the best offer the website might not be in your language.   If that is the case its super easy to fix, just left click the mouse and it will ask you if you want to google translate the website.  It is important to note that this will only work on a laptop or desktop.  Doing it on your phone is very difficult and I wouldn't recommend it.  

What I'm going to do is price the same holiday, for the same dates in the same hotel for you using the different sites and show you just how much money you could really save!

So the dates I've decided on are the 3rd to the 6th of December for 3 nights 4 days including 2 adults and 2 kids during the Christmas season.  Regarding hotel I'm not fussed just whatever Disney hotel works out the cheapest so we can avail of extra magic hours! I am excluding transport because if you choose to book with a different website there won't be an option for you to choose that so you will have to do that separately using Skyscanner or booking flights directly through your chosen airline.  So the prices you will see below include your Hotel and Park Tickets only unless otherwise specified.

Irish Site €1084.94

Okay so in this offer you do get the early booker offer that gives you one free night! You will be staying in The Sante Fe Hotel in a classic room of 2 double beds and breakfast is not included!  Nothing else is included in this offer!  It is on our chosen dates so if you were to go ahead and book with any travel agent here in Ireland or book directly through the website you wouldn't be able to get your Disneyland holiday any cheaper on those chosen dates!

German Site €867.44

I was blown away by how much you saved by just going onto the German site.  Not only do you have a saving of €217.50 compared to the Irish site but you also get FREE HALF BOARD INCLUDED in this offer too.  This entitles you to free breakfast in your hotel per person and also another meal voucher per person per day to use for either lunch or dinner at a choice of up to 7 different restaurants!  However the dates I was looking for were booked out on the German website so they offered me the 26th of November to the 29th!

** F.Y.I. If you were to add half board dining onto your booking on the Irish website it would bring your total up to €1446.74!!!  So if you compare that to the German site that's a savings of €579.50!  That's a huge chunk of change to bring to Disneyland Paris!  Imagine all the Disney Merch you could get your hands on!!!

French Site €629.04

Okay so again another cracking offer!! I managed to get the dates I was originally looking for, staying in the Cheyenne Hotel which has just recently been refurbished to have Toy Story themed rooms!  The deal they were offering was 25% discount and under 12's go free!  This came in at €629.04 for hotel and park tickets!  This was the cheapest offer I got from all the websites!

** FYI if you wanted to add on a meal plan I added on the half board meal plan that you get for free with the German offer and its brings the total up to €1031.04.  So it still comes in €53.90 cheaper then the first quote I got on the Irish website however if you compare it to the German offer then you are saving €163.60.  Booking a meal plan is not a necessity, however from my personal experience at Disney food is crazy expensive so to have yourself covered food wise before you go is a great option and if its affordable for you I would totally recommend looking into it.

Spanish Site €990.44

Okay so the deal that was running on the Spanish site was 25% discount on your hotel and a free half board meal plan.  You would be staying on property again in Hotel Cheyenne on the dates we were originally looking for.  This is an amazing deal again as it does include that free half board too!

** FYI However I feel when compared to that AMAZING German offer again there is just no competing with it!  Comparing this offer to the German one which is quite similar to be fair but there is still a saving of €123!

Okay so to break it down for you by being a little bit more savvy we managed to get what we were originally quoted from the Irish Website (which FYI all Irish travel agents book through them as you can only book a Disney Holiday from an offical Disney booking website) for €1084.94.  This deal was for 3 nights and 4 days in Disney staying in the Sante Fe Hotel.  
Now by searching around and checking out what other deals are being offered on other OFFICIAL DISNEY WEBSITES we managed to save a total of €455.90 if you were to book from the French Website.  However in my opinion this is not necessarily the best deal that I found.  If it was me booking it I would totally go ahead and book the German deal as that includes your free half board.  This means the cost of food is covered for your holiday so all you would really need to bring is spending money unless there are any restaurants you really want to dine at that aren't in your plan.  If you were to go with the German offer you would still have a saving of €217.50!!

So that's it guys.  I know 100% if it was visible I would be booking that Christmas offer ASAP however 2 Disneyland Paris trips in one year is just not doable for us!  I will however be using this method to book our next trip which will hopfully be for Christmas next year!  I can't imagine how magical it would be to see all the Christmas decorations and to just be immersed in that magical Disney Christmas atmosphere!!

If you do end up booking your holiday this way please let me know I would love to hear all about your trip!!!

Until Next Time, 


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