Cailyn 7 in 1 4D Fibre Lash Mascara - Review

I was lucky enough to be sent this mascara by the lovely Darly who works with Mulligans Pharmacys.
I have to say when I first received the mascara I was like 'oh okay'.  Mascaras are just mascaras to if I'm honest I guess thats why I never reviewed one before.  They just didn't excite me and I any one usually would do!

I didn't know what to expect when I opened the box that said 7-in-1!  I have to say I was intrigued.  When I pulled out the mascara I noticed write away that the tube was double ended.  Now I assumed one end was mascara and the other a white primer which is usually the case with most double ended mascaras, however I was wrong.  One end was for your tops lashes and the other end for your bottom.  
Now this excited me, I have never used a mascara that catered for both your bottom and top lashes.  I instantly couldn't wait to try it on.  I was almost contemplating taking off my makeup just to apply it, haha.

So lets get into the 7-in-1 part.

1 - The dual wand
For me this is my favourite thing about the mascara.  I love the fact it has the two brushes that create maximum length on both your top and bottom lashes.  The bottom lash detail brush is thin which allows you to get right into your bottom lash line and work with the smaller hairs.

2 - It Volumising
The mascara itself contains natural Beeswax and Carnauba Wax which are known to build up and create out of this world volume.

3 - Conditions While Your Wear
This mascara also contains a conditioning serum which is vitamin B5.  This will keep your lashes moisturised, increase their fullness and also prevent your lashes from drying out.

4 - E5 Fibre
So the E5 Fibre actually represents 5 dramatic effects fibre has on your lashes.  The amazing 5 are lengthening, mattifying, lifting, volumising and it also provides a strong black shade to the lashes.

5 - Lengthening And Curling
This mascara also provides your lashes with intense length, it lifts the lashes and also curls giving them a gorgeous finish and holding the lashes in place.

6 - Waterproof
This mascara is water, sweat, smudge and smearing proof!

7 - Square 4D Brush 
This cleverly designed mascara brush is square rather then a regular brush which is round.  Being square it is designed to apply a rich amount of product without excessive coating.

Pretty cool for just one mascara right?  I thought so!

Now I have put it to the test because a mascara can claim whatever it likes but did it live up to its hype?
I applied the mascara to both my bottom and lower lashes using the designated brushes and I had to say the mascara was so easy to apply.  It made coating my bottom lashes a piece of cake.  There was no tipping the brush off my face, which usually happenings when trying to coat the lashes normally with a thicker brush.  
I wore it all day and it held its colour and shape and it didn't smudge once!

As I've said above I don't usually get excited about mascaras ever, infact this is the first one ever!
I'm not one to recommend a product that doesn't work so trust me when I say you need this mascara I would 100% recommend that you get yourself to your nearest Mulligans Pharmacy and pick with this new Cailyn mascara.  I've already picked up one for my kit too I love it that much.

Cailyn is definitely a brand I want to explore more so if you guys have any recommendations or even if you would like to try out and review any of there products let me know :)

Until next time,

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