Bad Moments Don't Make Bad Mothers...

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We all have our off days even if your not a parent!  We'll have them days where we want to just shut off from the world and take some 'me' time.
Only thing is when your a parent getting that 'me' time is next to impossible.  Just because your having an off day doesn't mean your a bad mother. 


We've all had a moment like this, right? Your running right on time, the bags are packed, kids are dressed and ready to go you turn to fix your lippy and all of sudden child number 1 has spilled his juice all over himself somehow managing to even wet his socks but at least child number 2 is ready until you finally have child number 1 redressed and you get that smell! Yes child number 2 has pooped, not just pooped I mean there's an explosion.  I mean I can't be the only one this happens to right...?

Take today for example I woke up early cleaned the house, changed the beds, got the kids up, got them breaky, skipped my own, cleaned up breakfast, put Dylan down for a nap, set Cai up in his 'nest' for some chill time, recleaned the 5 million toys thrown around since breakfast, got a shower, hit the squeaky floor board, woke Dylan, resettled him, Cai starts screaming... over a piece of fluff (thought it was a spider) dried my hair, Dylan wouldn't go back down so put him in his walker, re-cleaned the mess Cai had made from playing shop, stood on a piece of lego, went upstairs to grab a hair brush, I shit you not, cogged my toe on the first step causing me to fall like someone who had no control of their limbs wacked my elbow off the wall, went back into the sitting (all the cushions had been thrown on the floor) I just sat down, Dylan started screaming... for no reason and I just sat there and this all happened in under two hours!
I felt like crying and face planting into the sofa and never resurfacing but I didn't... I couldn't so instead out of frustration I gave out to Cai for the mess in the sitting room again and gave Dylan a rusk because I just new it would stop him from crying and walked out of the room.  I gathered myself for a few minutes and then the guilt came.  You know the guilt like, I should of picked Dylan up if he was crying and I shouldn't gave out to Cai for the cushions because he was only playing.  Then the 'oh I'm such a bad mother thoughts' entered my head.

 I over reacted in a situation most would find overwhelming and frustrating to begin with not to mention I had woken up with my lady friend calling for her monthly visit.  Just because I had a bad moment does that make me a bad mom?  No it doesn't 9 out of 10 days I would handle a morning like that like a champ.  Us moms are allowed to have a bad day too right?  We're allowed to have off days, days where all we want to do is stay in bed with the electric blanket, pig out on a take away and watch reruns of friends all day.  We are only human, we're not built to be perfect nor are we built to make the right decisions every time.  We can get caught up in a moment just like anybody else can, nobody expects us to be perfect all the time, not our kids, not or boyfriends, husbands or partners not anybody for that matter so why do we expect ourselves to be perfect?

The point I'm trying to get across and what I realised from that moment is us moms need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time.  Something is always probably going to go wrong us moms always prepare for that infact it will go wrong so we pack and plan for situations B-Z!
Sometimes I don't think we give ourselves enough credit.  We are strong in so many ways, who knew you could balance a baby and tie a toddlers shoe while brushing your teeth at the same time?  I mean come on that shit is impressive!

So when your having your off day like I did remember its okay to have a bad moment,day or week it doesn't make you a bad mom it just means your human.

Until Next Time, 

Lisa x

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  1. Amazing. You don't give yourself enough credit. Mums are amazing. My Wife looks after our 3 v.young'uns during the week and doesn't give herself enough credit either. You're an incredible type of person....mums are utterly fantastic. Yes, it's hard, I couldn't do it as a Dad yet you ladies do it as Mum's. Well done!!!!


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