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I decided each month I want to highlight a new product that is launching and today I wanted to shopw you a new launch from one of my favourite drugstore brands NYX.  They recently brought out their new Prismatic Single Shadows and they are bomb, let me just tell you that right now.

I was lucky enough to be sent 6 of the shadows out of their new range.  I couldn't resist the urge to swatch them immediately I mean just look at the colours.  I am a magpie and anything that's shiny or metallic has my name all over it!  NYX have been killing it with product releases of late and it has vastly become one of my favourite drugstore brands.  

(With Flash)

(Without Flash)

The shadows are insanely pigmented as you can see from the above swatches. They are creamy to touch and melt like butter on the skin.  There are multiple shades in the range giving you a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from.  The fall out is very minimal which is actually a surprise for a drugstore shadow.  I normally find with cheaper shadows you tend to get a lot more fallout which I mean I'm okay with because you get what you pay for but these shadows really had minimal fallout.  So in all I found they were easy to use, there is little to no fallout, they are super lightweight and the colour pay off is amazing!



Dark Swan


Sunset Daze

Glass Slipper

For me there shadows were worth highlighting because of their their value for money.  If you manage to spot them around my advice would be to pick a couple up to add to your makeup collection! 
They get 2 thumbs up from me!

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